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i'm much more of a movie person, but i do like dramas on occasion.

my favorite genres are mystery/crime/tragedy, there aren't any specific genres that i won't watch but i'm not very into sci-fi or historical. 

i definitely favour dark themes, slower films, films that make you think, and films that make you feel.  

with dramas i really love realistic characters, and despise the wishy-washy dramatic "im upset but refuse to ever be straight-forward about anything" tropes that seem to infest into so many potentially good characters. most of the time i will drop a drama if it includes this excessively.


i use letterboxd often:

my scores aren't influenced by other mdl users nor are they influenced by critics, they are purely based on how i felt about it and how the message of the film/drama relates to me. (the scores are a little outdated now)

feel free to add me, i accept all requests. :~)

first drama: secret garden

first movie: battle royale


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