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Purple Tofu

plant earth

Purple Tofu

plant earth

                                                Hello my watcher friends

Here is something's about  me

  • I really like to watch shows and movies .
  • Favourite creature are merman / mermaid , witch , pegasus , unicorn , dragon , pheonix , Dogs , cats , baby panda . mummy and more X X .
  • Favorite places are egypt, seas.
  • I am a ambivert ( feel free to add me (^∇^)ノ♪ always happy to meet new people here. I am quite open to talk with you. )
  • Again I am into in korean , japanese , Chinese , anime , comics (edit : 5)
  • I like all type of dramas & movies ( I am not really picky but a moody watcher XD ) .
  • My favourite genres are mostly rom-com, fantasy dramas , horror, vampire, zombie. ( And yeh I like all genres too but it depends on mood ) .
  • Asides of asian dramas & movies also watch non-asian dramas & movies , anime , cartoon , comic , podcast . You name it.
  • I also enjoy music/k-pop here and there sometimes.
  • There more thinks I like as cute stuffs , drawing , learning new language .
  • Yes yes it was anime yeah my 1st anime was kaichow wa maid-sama  ( click on under line )  and I am still in love with it . 

I am always action here , because it cozy here .

Live well
Walk too
Laugh more
Love without measure

Myanimelist |

There are many more lovely dramas and movies collection on my costume list in different ways you find them easily ❤️


!! i give rating as how I enjoy them !!

My current watching list is for which i am watching right now .

My complete list is for which i have done watching .

My plan to watch list is for my plan to watch yet .

My on holding list is for which don't have subs or not available .

My drop list is for which i don't want to watch right now .

My not interested list i never used it . 

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