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Hello......I am Tanmoy. I am a student. So I don't have a lot of time to see drama,show & movie. But I try to see them if I think they worth a try.

I am picky in choosing them. I like to watch both asain and non-asain. I watch movie, anime, drama, cartoon, tv show, serial all.

I mainly love to watch dramas with Action-Romance genre. I also like with Action, Crime, Fantasy, Romace (prefer cute love than mature love),  School, Sci-fi, Supernatural, Thriller, Youth genre.

I hate sad endings and dislike opens. I missed/didn't watch a lot of good dramas only for having sad ending. But for revenge type drama this may not be mattered.

I don't like historical or family or love triangle genre/tag at all.

I rate drama and movies on their story, character & ending. To me, ending should be according to story. If I think it is maintained, I give bonus points. If not then its lose some points. So Don't be surprised with my rating. It's only showing my personal satisfication.

And if you find any odd comment(mine) on dramas or movies, plz don't take that seriously. Because I never comment on actor/actress. I always comment about story any characters.

10: It's only for The K2 for having action and romance at the same time. I also like the story line. And also                   maybe for being my 1st watched Drama.

9.5 to7.5: I really loved these dramas. You should also try these. They all have happy ending.

7 to 6 : I am not satisfied,but they are good. You can give a try.

6 to 0: I didn't find anything good. So I can't recommend you to watch them.


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