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I joined MDL cause other than watching dramas i love to browse the drama and movie list.  Like really.... just browse the list.  i like the articles and reviews here.

My favorite actors lists is my list of favorable biases cause i don't really have favorite actors.  if you ask who my favorite actor is, i really don't know.  Jo In Sung is at the top of the list because he's the only name i think of when I don't know what to watch when i go to  funny cause i search his name but don't watch any videos but browse the list.  ahaha.  this only happens on rare occasions. 

good actors don't look like their characters

good actors are not their characters

good actors are fresh

good actors don't get overused, they don't get boring even if they are over used

good actors don't play the same characters, but (maybe) a similar role (in different dramas/movies)

good actors make great actors

If a story goes wrong or terrible, blame the writer,

If you aren't convinced blame the actor,

If you blame the actor blame the director and producer


Giving people a bad first impression of myself.  jk haha.

Taste in drama: 
Glum, thrilling, comical...  comical, did i mention thrilling, action, interesting, and NEW (original)

Favorite characters:
Kim Joo Won (Secret Garden)
Domiyoji Tsukasa (Hana Yori Dango)
Gil Ra Im (Secret Graden)

Lingering thoughts:
"Hey, hey you" - Reiji  


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