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Hi! I’m a student and I’ve been watching Asian dramas since 2019 and I pretty much watch most of the mainstream countries. (Korea, Japan, Thailand, China and Taiwan) 

I started off by getting into K dramas and eventually got exposed to Chinese, Taiwanese, Japanese followed by Thai lakorns. At the current time I mainly enjoy BLs, the chosen few kdramas and Japanese movies.

If I have to describe myself in 4 words I’d say friendly, talkative, opinionated (in some cases. I know it’s toxicㅜㅜ)& awkward.  

I’m a friendly person so don’t hesitate to message me if you wish to talk about anything or want some good recommendations. I’m always happy to help :) 

The genres I enjoy the most are Romance, kiss slap, jealously, BLs, GLs, suspense, fantasy (depends), mystery, comedy and romcom. 

If I haven’t updated my watchlist for more than 2-5 months, I’m most probably vibing in heaven so don’t worry!



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