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Stockholm, Sweden


Stockholm, Sweden


My profile name is obviously not my real one but it is a mix of a nickname and a last name.  Once you and I know well enough I give you my real one. 

The words that I would describe myself would be shy, and a bit of an introvert. I do occasionally go out, but it would it either by myself or with my family who are dearest to me. Even though we don't always come to an agreement with each other.

I acknowledge that I'm not perfect but I am willing to listen and learn. I am also a perfectionist thus writing an essay, story or even a comment can be a times burdensome for me to do. I have a dislike for people who feel the need of being a condescending jerk, maybe because they remind me of who I was when I was an adolescent.

Because of my shyness I feel a bit awkward in asking people for help, or anything like that.  Though I'm quiet with people I have nothing in common, I'm total opposite when I'm with people who share common interests as me such as history, dramas, movies, books or animals (especially cats). Oh and English is not my first language its my fourth (the others languages I know are Russian, Spanish and Swedish), so bear in mind that when I write comments there will be some minor grammar mistakes, but  it is something that I am planning on working in the future.  

What do I like to do other than watching dramas, is reading books,  swimming (when it is summer time), bicycling, & playing badminton, writing stories or playing on the piano. 

Out of curiosity I started watching Japanese manga-movie adaptations such as "Death Note" and Japanese comedy dramas such as "Hanazakari no Kimitachi e" I don't exactly remember which of them I started to watch first as it was 7 years ago. Anyways, eventually I decided to watch something different so in the year of 2015 I watched for the first time a Korean drama it was "I remember you", ever since then I've watched korean dramas though I still consider myself a newbie.

I don't have a favorite genre that I prefer to watch over others.  I like to be open-minded on new things to come even if I by the end didn't necessarily liked it I can at least say that I tried. Though if you know a good character driven story then let me know, I like those over the ones that are more plot-driven. 

 So, I don't mind watching something dark or something very fluffy, sometimes I need to watch a light-hearted show, sometimes it is the opposite. Also, the way I rate has little to do on how I much I enjoyed it. Let me explain, I rate based on quality the drama such as the story, music, characters, actors, and the plot and  themes are important, so thus I rate the drama higher based on that. I don't want to rate a drama lowly just because I happen to hate it. 

However, I can enjoy a flawed production if I can feel that there was a heart and soul poured in to it. For example I loved "Chief Kim" and "Prison Playbook" but I gave them a score of 6.5 /10 (for Chief Kim) and 7.0/10 (for Prison Playbook). Because even though I liked them very much,  I can't turn a blind eye on some of it flaws it had. Though logically speaking you can say that about all of the dramas, and movies. Suspend of disbelief is something that  I'm willing to do but sometimes it can be a bit too much. 

A 10 out of then 10 drama or movie means that it had done everything right,  and the flaws that it had were minor and well-hidden for the audience to notice it at first. Everything has flaws there is no such thing as perfection, but I had to admit that some movies and dramas does it better than others, so much that it leaves you feeling at times hollow or very satisfied. 

Feel free to send me a friend request on here, that is if you want to.  Another thing that I discovered about myself is that I like to discuss with other people on dramas and movies, and I can assure you that I am a calm person and will respect your opinion. 

P.S. The profile picture of me is an old one but it is the only photo I found that wasn't terrible. When I have enough time I will change it to how I look now , until then this one will have to do.


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