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Hi!! My real name is Gonçalo, but you can call me whatever you want really ^^

I am a composer and a musician and play mostly piano, guitar, trumpet and french horn, but I can also sing! I am Portuguese and I watch mostly korean dramas and movies! I also love to listen to a ton of different music, from classical to hip-hop ;) ! I love listening to kpop, but I usually prefer Kdrama OSTs and krnb! Some of my favourite artists are Eddy Kim, Heize and Juniel!

Before watching kdramas I was really into anime from various genders and I watched some jdramas... Some of my favourite anime are Death Note, Digimon (Digimon Tamers was 10/10 <3 ), Serial Experiments Lain, Perfect Blue, Boogiepop Phantom, Free!, Kuroko no Basuke, and many others! My first Kdrama was City Hunter but what I consider to be the one I really loved to the core and got me into these was Boys Over Flowers! 

I play video games pretty often! I usually like rhythm games like Osu! and Stepmania, bullet hell games like touhou, RPGs and Puzzle Games. My favourite series are Shin Megami Tensei (I really love it!), Professor Layton, Castlevania and Fire Emblem.

I terms of knowledge I like to read Poetry from time to time and I really like Philosophy. Of course my main thing is still music, reading about music and composing in any style, from Jazz to Classical to Pop.  :)

My Favourite Dramas :

Boys Over Flowers     :)

Goblin <3

Are you human too  <3   (WARNING:   Amazing acting by Seo Kang Joon, + plus they look really cute)

(To be added ^^)

My Favourite Movies :)

A Werewolf Boy <3

Miracle in Cell no. 7      :)

The Chaser (Bonus for not being very famous)  ;)

(More to be added in the future ^^ )

Also, there are some dramas and movies I have seen but haven't put them in here (mostly because I am planning on re-watching some them in a near future)...

I hope you liked my introduction ;) Having good friends is for me the most important thing one could have and I always try to do my best for my friends :D

See you around ^^


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