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               ~ Hello! Nice to meet ya~              

Cool you stopped by my  tiny profile ;-) It's highly appreciated you chose to visit this alien

I'm a girl, 17 y/o. I am danish? At least I like to have fun and watch dramas ;-) 

Need to say I'm an army? lmao.

     My official favorit actor is

     *drumroll Kim Woo BIN!!!

What a cutie <3 + a great actor

As you'll discover, I've watched A LOT of dramas and movies (mostly dramas though), so feel free to check   It has taken me years to watch that much, so please do not follow my example, it is as unhealthy as it looks like 

IMPORTANT!!: I do have other things in life than "just" watch dramas/movies~ I'm pretty busy with my music and my art + my school and the little tiny part of social life I have ㅋㅋㅋ



Music: I like K-pop and K-rock(not only 방탄소년단, but also other groups like Blackpink, BigBang, EXO, Shinee (rest in piece;;) FTisland, Day6, the Rose etc.), Opera (Especially Tosca: E Lucevan le stelle), classical music, movie soundtracks (to like Harry Potter, The Hobbit, Star Wars etc.), rock, jazz and that list can continue lol

Hobby: I play the cello, piano and draw (mostly paint though)

Drama: I like romance, drama (a lot of it, which might explain my love for lakorns hihi), crime, fantasy, comedy and horror

Movies: I have a big love for things I haven't watched. It's almost never happens that I watch the same movie twice, don't misunderstand, I just have an annoying memory when it's about movies.=_=;;

Languages: Danish, English, German, Korean ( 한국어 조금 할 수 있어요 ㅋㅋㅋonly a little though) and then I can say "I love you" on ridiculously many languages (like I ever gonna need that for something XD ) 

Currently obsessed with:  Mr. Sunshine~~(I don´t think it´s anything groundbreaking, by a long shot. But gosh the cinematography is georgerous and the characters are all very likeabl. I just had to get used to the monotone faces most of the time)


But feel free to check what I've done out and befriend me~ ^^~ I don't bite unless it's food lol

Have fun~  ㅂㅂ 


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