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Welcome! I am equal opportunist reader and drama viewer, but I do prefer the historical genre or hybrids between fantasy and history. On my list you will find plenty of period or costume dramas and a few modern ones as well.

What do I look for in a drama? A solid and engaging plot, with strong layered characters who are often morally gray or make mistakes in their journey towards growth. Perfection is simply boring to me.

I consider my rating system to be quite generous. The main reason is that I am selective about what I watch to begin with, and tend to find at least one likeable aspect in any drama: story, acting or character development. So you will rarely see me give a rating below 7. 

Even so, a rating of 8 or 8.5 indicates I found the series pleasant but average. 9/9.5 means I was very impressed by that series and would rewatch it with pleasure, if the mood strikes me.

Thus far, I have only given 10 to my all time favourite drama - Love like the Galaxy.


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