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Sleeping Butterfly


Sleeping Butterfly


Hello !! 

I am a student of Business studies and i love to draw, paint, and sketch more likely i love to watch dramas and movies although am a student of University but am more like an introvert person i dont like to make many frnds i have a few of them and i also dont like to go to parties either but becoz am from Pakistan we have to attend family gatherings no matter what its like attend or you will be killed by your parents a life and death game LOL just kidding its not that severe though :P 

so whenever am free on vacations or hiding from crowds its just my mobile or laptop along my wifi in my room watching dramas and making a small world of my own, 

I hope so my feedbacks can help my MDL frnds to watch whats worth watching and not wasting time maybe we different opinions my liking might not match to yours but i will respect your opinion 

have a nice day whoever is watching this

Allah Bless You and may your worries just fly like wind and happiness stick to you just like flys on sweet LOL just kidding ;)

and sorry for my english its not my 1st language am still learning :)


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