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Mars  •  24  •  she/her

Both the Roman god of war and the incredibly sweet chocolate bar

So one day I ran out of things I felt like watching and stumbled my way into watching dramas. Now I am very, very addicted and have no plans to deal with that addiction in a moderate way, I will continue letting dramas ruin my life.

I love making friends! No one in my life watches dramas but I'm obsessed so I am always looking for recommendations and friends who love dramas too!!

I'm not crazy into K-Pop (though I did love JBJ and now I'm heart broken) but there are some songs I adore and I do like EXO a lot. I also recently started listening to and loving BLACKPINK.

I love love love Rom-coms and Coming of age/Youth dramas. I never thought I would like Slice of Life as much as I do, and I do enjoy crime/police dramas too.

I don't like horror or dramas with depressing endings, and I'm not crazy into melodramas.

I don't mind crying while watching a drama but I like dramas to leave me feeling hopeful and positive.

Strong female leads and women who kick ass are the loves of my life

My favorite kinds of dramas have:
Strong friendships  •  Childhood friends to lovers    Bickering between the leads    Cute jealousy

Some things I can't stand:

Stalking (one person being rejected and refusing to stop, especially if it's portrayed as romantic, ew)  
Huge age gap  •  Ex love showing up from nowhere  •  LGBT themes being treated like a joke  
Randomly evil family members

Current love of my life:

Kim Mi So from What's Wrong With Secretary Kim (I mean look at this cutie!!~)

That's all for now ❤ ~


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