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Germany. Poland. USA. ♥


Germany. Poland. USA. ♥

"Love in real life is messy like that. So l watch dramas to heal." 

(Baek Se from Last Minute Romance)

No CDrama. ThaiDrama just recently. Some JDrama.

KDrama addiction since 2016

It all started with The Heirs - yes, seriously!
Ever since then I have been deeply in love with Kdramas. Mainly romance with a hint of comedy, drama, crime, and sometimes slice of life (if I feel like it).



My favorites:

Just Between Lovers  School 2017  Suspicious Partner  Weightlifting Fairy Kim Book Joo  

W - Two Worlds  Descendants of the Sun  Pinocchio  Strong Woman Do Bong Soon  

Fight for my Way  The Heirs

Listening to Kpop since 2017

Actually, I only listen to two bands continously.


>> BTS <<

Oh yesssss, I am an ARMY. These guys make such amazing music! Not only is their sound nice, but also the LYRICS!

Well, and then there's.... Taekook ♡♡♡
I ship them so hard and would be reaaaally happy if this was real!

Oh, and my bias is Taehyung
He is so freaking beautiful! And I can relate to his personality so much! 


But ultimately, there's only 


for me ♥

I'm in love with 2PM ♥

Why them? Well they're amazing and damn cute goofballs and just. so. hot.

Actually, just give me Chansung (my ultimate bias) and I will die happily!  This man...omfg  ♥_♥


Feel free to give me recommendations anytime ♥

KTalk ID: xxmagsxx - write me anytime ^^


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