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Germany. Poland. USA. ♥


Germany. Poland. USA. ♥

"Love in real life is messy like that. So l watch dramas to heal."

(Baek Se from Last Minute Romance)

Hello fam, I'm Maggy
~ speaking German, Polish, English ~

TWT: taekookphoria
IG: magdalenka.m

I tried Cdrama, Jdrama and Tdrama, but they're not for me (yet)!

KDrama addiction since 2016

It all started with The Heirs - yes, seriously!
Ever since then I have been deeply in love with Kdramas. Mainly romance with a hint of comedy, drama, crime, and sometimes slice of life (if I feel like it).


My Top 10
(last update: May 2018):

1. Just Between Lovers

2. School 2017

3. Suspicious Partner

4.  Weightlifting Fairy Kim Book Joo

5. W - Two Worlds

6. Descendants of the Sun

7. Pinocchio

8. Strong Woman Do Bong Soo  

9. Fight for my Way

10. The Heirs

Listening to Kpop since 2017

Actually, I only listen to two bands continously. And to be honest, I find most Kpop songs to be pretty dumb, music- and lyric-wise. However, BTS are amazing musicians, and 2PM just made me fall in love with their music and their personalities. 


>> BTS <<

Oh yesssss, I am an ARMY.
These guys make such amazing music!
Not only is their sound nice, but also the LYRICS!

Well, and then there's.... Taekook ♡♡♡
I ship them so hard and would be reaaaally happy if this was real!

Oh, and my bias is Taehyung
He is so freaking beautiful! And I can relate to his personality so much! However, I'm also OT7, there is no Bangtan if one of them is mssing!


And then, Ladies and Gentleman, there is



I'm in love with 2PM ♥

Why them? Well they're amazing and damn cute goofballs and just. so. hot.

Actually, just give me Chansung (my ultimate bias) and I will die happily!  This man...omfg  ♥_♥


Feel free to write and/or give me recommendations anytime!



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