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Origin: Been starting to watch dramas since 2007, with Rain & Song Hye Kyo's Full House as my very first drama. I prefer watching dramas I personally enjoy no matter what genre or culture it belongs to. 

Personal Review Philosophy:  I primarily rate dramas/movies according to my enjoyment before I analyze them critically in the most possible non-biased judgement. Also, other people's ratings or overall rating doesn't concern me as I end up liking things many people dislike and I end up disliking popular things most people enjoy.

10: Extremely well done, enjoyed it lots, has high re-watch value and would recommend to other.s
9: Very great, enjoyed it lots, wouldn't really re-watch but would recommend to others.
8: Good but has tiny flaws, tiny re-watch value, would recommend last.
7: Fair, still enjoyed watching, has as several flaws that keeps me bothered, no re-watch value.
6: Just an average drama, moderately enjoyed but conflicted, no re-watch value.
5-2: Bad drama, many complications and flaws. Will rate depending how disappointed/frustrated I am.
1: Extremely bad, why did I waste my time watching this. 

Personal Community Philosophy: I respect each individuals' opinion on MyDramaList as long as they don't judge with hatred or a bias. I love initiating discussion and make witty remarks. I tend to put an offense without being too harsh when someone steps out of line with respecting others and correct those
who share incorrect information. 



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