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~Lost in Dramaland~


~Lost in Dramaland~

Hello there, こんにちは, 안녕하십니까, 你好, สวัสดี, Kumusta diyan, Xin chàoWelcome to my profile! Please make yourself comfortable as you explore. (Don't worry, I won't bite.)

As I am just an little awkward potato who has it’s wandering mind lost deep in Dramaland, forever searching for relatable allies, and trekking on endless adventures in the land of dramas. 

I like to watch various dramas from different countries, but most of the time I sway more towards Jdoramas   Kdramas,  Cdramas   Tdramas and sometimes  Lakhorns. c:

Before we continue, lets take a small break shall we? In the meantime, please enjoy some potato related drama down below. 

Also, please excuse the mess, as I’m still working on an idea for my profile.. 

-Planning on editing this space after my procrastination period-

-Still Editing-


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