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Sweet Boy
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Oct 7, 2017
Overall 5.0
Story 5.0
Acting/Cast 5.0
Music 5.0
Rewatch Value 5.0
Very poor script. It is a fortune that Chimon got a good role in My Dear Loser that has a more professional making. Many irresolute situations: The homophobic behavior of the mother got not a divine punishment. After that declaration "God does not like gay... either I don't," she should get a lesson, since she almost sends her son to suicide. Another unpunished lady is the teacher stating that artists (or painters) are dumb to poverty - wow... saying it on a movie :(  The conflict with Petch was left behind. It could get more action, even to put the character as a real competitor to Toy. The character of Pong is also a blank. You don't know if it is just a clown or an antagonist. As a clown is a real disaster. As an antagonist, he does not posses any real situation. Pong could be a handsome but openly gay student who could make the story more interesting, trying to conquer Petch and Toy :) An alternative ending would be: Nack almost consummates suicide and he is found unconscious by his friends (three beautiful characters that are not well profited too.) The mother realizes how wrong she is and why she comes late in the night (doing things God does not like?) She asks pardon. Toy left to study and Nack, after months of recovery, goes to look for him to start the second part... The disparate call of Nack to Toy is the best part: great actor. Congratulations to Chimon.
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