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Kounodori 2 japanese drama review
Kounodori 2
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by YueofBlueGables
Jan 22, 2018
11 of 11 episodes seen
Overall 9.0
Story 9.0
Acting/Cast 10.0
Music 10.0
Rewatch Value 9.0
God knows how much I loved Season 1, and how much in love I fell for Ayano Go and all the cast. And when it was announced the 2nd season, and that  the whole gang was back... Fans know we waited so long for a kind soul  to sub this wonderful drama, so thank you subber! A million thanks ^_^

Cast (10/10): the whole cast is back! The chemistry between Ayano Go and Hoshino Gen and Yoshida Yo... and Sakaguchi Kento and Omori Nao and Matsuoka Mayu... I am even satisfied with the new faces, Goro-san (Miyazawa Hio) and Kurasaki-sensei (Matsumoto Wakana).  They all complemented each other so well! Ayano Go said that he was  happy they were all back since all of them are now leading actors in  dramas and movies, and I can tell that, even with a supporting role,  they were all happy to work together again.

There are even guests  from S1 who make an appearance, like the mother and father of the  little boy with the Trisomy 16, and Kounodori's "mama" and other  surprises.

My personal favorites, who deserve an award for their acting: Ayano Go (obviously... and I am not the only one mesmerized with his  gentle face and gentle voice.. even GC were commenting every week on his "yasashii" attributes) and Yoshida Yo.

Story:(9/10) Every episode deals with a new problem with the mother and/or baby.  There were many stories that made me cry (more than in S1). All the  supporting cast has his/her own story as well: either professional or personal. While in S1 there is an episode regarding Kounodori's past, in S2 we get to know some of the supporting role's family and ambitions regarding their career. I understand that there has to be changes, in order to be better or to achieve a dream, but regardless of that, I wasn't too happy with the final episode. On the other hand, it makes me hope for a S3... **crossing fingers**

While this season made me cry more than the previous one, S1 remains my favorite. I sensed that the scriptwriter was not the same... in S1 the dialogue was less "pink", less "romantic" than this season's. That's the only fault I can find in S2, that it was more written more "sweet".

Music:(10/10) so good, so good. The  piano complimented the poignant moments like a glove. I wonder if Ayano Go truly plays the piano.. if he does, he is truly a "Kamisama" <3

Rewatch value:(9/10) it  is not precisely an episodic drama, but I could rewatch my favorite  stories without a problem. And I will rewatch when S3 is confirmed  (because there has to be). I could rewatch this for the cast and the cute babies and the human stories and the wonderful OST. So yeah, for the whole package :)

Please, this drama deserves more recognition! I hope it wins some awards, unlike S1... Highly recommended!
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