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An avid drama watcher. 

Korean, Taiwanese, Japanese, Chinese and Thai dramas are my playing field - the last 3 being my preferred source at the moment. 

I am a huge romance-junkie - I generally like my dramas with a strong element of romance but am happy to take the occasional foray into other genres such as:- comedy (I love a good laugh!); period and historicals; wuxia and martial arts; supernatural and fantasy (including xianxia); and youth and school genres. 

I value shows with well-written and coherent storylines/ plots; and also those with well-developed charactersinteresting character studies/ progressions, and those with absorbing relationship dynamics. I'm also a fairly impatient and moody viewer and if a show doesn't sufficiently grab my attention or interest within its early episodes, I unfortunately tend to drop them like hot potatoes. 

Dropped shows = rated '3' because if '5' = average then '3' = below average (i.e. bad), and shows which I unfortunately don't like enough to finish are considered bad in my book. 

However, because of my high preference for romance, especially romantic-comedies (i.e. rom-coms), I find myself more willing to put up with quite a bit of show illogic, drama cliches, overdone tropes and irritating side characters. But I need to at least like or feel sympathetic towards my main leads and get behind their romance or relationship dynamic to sustain my interest in such shows. 

I ramble a lot too and am always happy to start a conversation with anyone on a show I've seen or about a show I am currently watching. Beware though, I love to talk and analyse so if you do start conversations with me they can get pretty long and involved! :D

Thanks for taking the time to visit my little corner of MyDramaList!


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