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An avid drama watcher. 

Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Taiwanese and recently, Thai dramas, are my playing field. 

I am a huge romance junkie - I generally like my dramas with a strong element of romance, but am happy to take the occasional foray into other genres such as slice-of-life, historical, wuxia/ martial arts, xianxia/ fantasy, family, detective and comedy. 

I don't review all the shows I watch but when I do write one, it is generally because I feel rather strongly about the show and so have much to say. As such, my reviews tend to be rather wordy and involved, but I do keep them spoiler-free and I try to be as comprehensive and as clear as I can about the series. 

I also try to review lesser-known shows which I have managed to watch, so that they also receive some love or input. The popular ones tend to receive plenty of input from the community here, it seems rather redundant for me to also add my 2 cents to the growing pile of dollars. ^_~

Thanks for taking the time to visit my little corner of MyDramaList!


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