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Quartet surely reminds me of my another favorite : Age of Youth.
Not musically related, but this drama revolves around friendship between five college girls living under the same roof.

Each of them have their own personal problems, pasts and secrets that will be revealed one by one. Despite their different personalities, they develop a strong bond throughout the story. It is also a slice of life drama, the romance is there but it's not the main part of the story.

It's really fun, fresh, sometimes quirky and these girls are lovely as the quartet!
The Osts are surely something to look up to. Don't miss this one.
Recommended by iamgeralddd - Jul 16, 2018
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I get the same feeling after watching both of these movies. Not much dialogues going on but you still fully understand the situations through the character's emotions. And both movies touch the family issues, a kind of movies which makes you "think" a lot i guess.
Recommended by iamgeralddd - Aug 22, 2017
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Totally, these two have the same vibe. Combination of friendships, family, slice of life, and the right amount of romance put together. Youth vs Elderly. If you love Dear My Friends, you definitely can't miss Reply88, ever.
Recommended by iamgeralddd - Jul 12, 2017
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If you love Dear My Friends so bad and you're craving for another movie with girls friendship theme? So 'Sunny' is the perfect movie for you. I'll guarantee the movie is worth to try! Go watch it now!
Recommended by iamgeralddd - Apr 5, 2017