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Quezon City, Philippines


Quezon City, Philippines


name: Dine 
country: Philippines

about me               

 hello! I am a "random" fan from one of the safest place on earth, the Philippines. Been a fangirl since 2007 and still rockin'. WHAT?! where NEWS is my main bias and fandom. I have a big crush on Tegoshi Yuya, and Chinen Yuriis my ichiban and destiny. I write fanfictions but doesn't post them online and I posts random stuffs on my blog, mostly rants about my life.

 as a fangirl:: I know I am not the MOST AWESOME fangirl you may know or know. And I do not know what runs in your mind or what are your viewpoints about me or what you wanted to say about me. But I can't do anything about it.  THSI IS ME! I won't make an effort to change it, it is your way o judgement. And I wanted to say "THANK YOU" to notice me, it is an honor on my part if I does make your world go round and if it is the only way to satisfy your way of judgement. Judge me if you want but I don't bite. I am not a man eater, just a man hater



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