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Dumplings Rather Than Flowers
Editorials - Sep 12, 2018

What makes the Hana Yori Dango franchise so popular? A combination of factors may be at the base of its timeless success. Let's try to find out what they are.

Back to the Addiction
Editorials - Feb 25, 2016

A few tips on how to come out of a slump and recover the pleasure of drama addiction.

The Love That Never Was
Editorials - Aug 14, 2013

amrita828 doesn't always look for romance in a drama, but sometimes the romantic at heart makes you wish more for some couples.. Find out which inside (*Some picture/character name spoilers* NO Drama Titles*)

The Book of Drama Mysteries
Editorials - Jun 24, 2013

Join in on amrita828's musings on some of most puzzling mysteries to be found in the Asian drama world.

Test: What Drama Are You?
Editorials - Dec 20, 2012

Amrita828's drama test - You know you're curious about which drama you really are.

The Perfect Review
Editorials - Sep 23, 2012

Writer Amrita does an 'in-depth analysis' of the different types of "not so good" drama reviews...

The Unbearable Lightness of Being Addicted
Editorials - Aug 29, 2012

Writer Amrita goes through the side effects of becoming a drama addict.