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I'm a huge fan of C-dramas particularly historical, xianxia, and some period dramas. I only watch modern C-dramas if I find them interesting. I tend to shy away from genres such as high school to college romance, work-related romance, wuxia, and master & disciple romance. For the past year and more, I have found myself tuning into more and more short C-dramas as 1) the productions are learning to invest more money to their shows and produce some pretty theatrical ones, 2) they don't take up my time as much, 3) it can get spicy as they are less censor, and 4) some of these dramas have either nice/interesting storylines and gets to the point. 

I love my boy actors, but I'm a sucker for the girl actresses as I tend to support them more! I'm a huge fan of Liu Shi Shi! She is my Queen! One of the old OGs that made me fall for C-dramas; back when C-dramas barely had any English subtitles readily available. 


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