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Land of the Ascending Dragon


Land of the Ascending Dragon

Hey there, fellow drama aficionados! Welcome to my little corner of MyDramaList.

What is life without dramas, you ask? Well, it's like a blank canvas waiting for vibrant colors to fill it in. And let me tell you, I've been painting my life with dramas ever since I can remember. Growing up, I was hooked on shows adapted from Jin Young's novels and the timeless epic, Journey to the West. These stories transported me to worlds of fantasy, intrigue, and adventure, sparking a lifelong love affair with the small screen.

As I journeyed through the vast landscape of dramas, I stumbled upon gems like Boys Over Flowers and Coffee Prince. These Korean dramas captured my heart with their blend of romance, humor, and heartache. And thus, my alter ego, loyalocksmith, was born—a moniker that reflects my unwavering devotion to the mesmerizing worlds of Chinese (especially costume period ones) and Korean dramas.

There's something magical about sinking into the intricate plots, colorful characters, and breathtaking visuals of these dramas. Whether it's the sweeping romance of a historical Chinese epic or the pulse-pounding thrills of a Korean crime drama, I'm always on the lookout for my next obsession.

So, if you're in need of recommendations, eager to discuss the latest plot twists, or just want to geek out over our favorite dramas, you've come to the right place. Let's embark on this drama-filled journey together!


✰ Favorite chinese actresses: Yang Mi, Dilraba Dilmurat, Liu Shishi, Song Yi, Zhao Lusi,

✰Favorite korean actresses: Shin Hye-sun, Jun Ji-hyun, Yoo In-na, Jang Nara, IU, Kim Hye Yoon

✰ Favorite chinese actors: Dicky Cheung, Hu Ge, Huang Xiaoming

✰ Favorite korean actors: Kim Soo-hyun, Gong Yoo, Lee Dong-Wook, Park Seo-joon, Seo In Guk

✧ All-time favorite C-drama: Nirvana in fire and The Legend of the Condor Heroes 

✧ All-time favorite K-drama: My love from Another Star

Check out my list watchlist and see if we've seen any in common!!


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