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South Korea


South Korea

I'm from the US, but recently relocated to South Korea to study Korean language and Game Design at the graduate level.  I've been a long time fan of Anime and got into gaming (video and table top) in the last few years.  It started with JRPGs and D&D, but I've been slowly diversifying, and, about a year ago, I decided to take a flying leap to the other side of the planet.

I started watching K-Dramas to help with language study and for social reasons (most of my female classmates are crazy about them).  I like stories, and I've already been obsessed with anime for years, so I figured what the heck?  As an anime fan who generally goes for the old-school and  shounen-esque (boyish) genres, I find K-Drama to be pretty shoujo (girly) most of the time, so occasionally I stray to the Japanese side for some home ground.

I joined this site mainly for recommendations.  The world of Asian dramas, like anime, I expect to be a swampy quagmire of pulp. I've had years to become accustomed to anime; what staff, content, and key words tell me what's worth it for me (personally) to watch.  I haven't developed this sense for dramas yet, particularly Korean ones which seem to be able slip a tedious love story into anything.  So being the lazy, hopeless addict (I'm addicted to addiction) that I am, I genuinely appreciate the thought that the community members here put into this.

My secondary purpose in coming to this site is social. I like networking when it comes to my hobbies, so I'm more likely to get into something if I know someone else who is interested.  So if you like a drama, throw it at me, or point it out, if I've already seen it.  Friends are made that way. (However, anyone suggesting Secret Garden will be subject to the Spanish Inquisition. Not because I deny your right to like it, but because I genuinely want to know WHY.)

I've kept up pretty well with a similar site for anime, Anime-Planet.

Overall, I like stories with intensity.  To most people, that means heavy or profound, but quite often action and combat fit the bill nicely.  If "over the top" can be used to describe it, I'll probably like it.  I usually prefer swords to guns. Compelling male characters is a good sign.  Bonus points for a cool "best friend" character.  And cookies if you find a well-done female character (they're rare).  You may have figured that I'm not a huge fan of romance (making wading through K-Dramas particularly frustrating), but if it's cool, well-done, or subdued, I'm not afraid to say I like it.  And I'm a sucker for soundtracks.

My drama history is pretty short, but growing.

A long time ago, I watched RH Plus. Every time I go back to it, I find myself laughing less and cringing more. At first I followed Lee Min Ho for lack of any better method of choosing a show before I found this site.  Believe it or not, I didn't fall for Goo Jun Pyo in Boys Over Flowers, though I managed to enjoy the show well enough to want to finish it.  (I wasn't nearly so happy with Go Mi Nam.)  I adored Faith/Shinui followed immediately by City Hunter. I liked the comic-book quality of Mackerel Run and the light but thoughtful Personal Taste.

After some browsing, I gave in and sought out Bloody Monday,  subsequently devouring both seasons in 2 days and still craving more. Leading me to High School Samurai; kind of the exact opposite, but still hit the spot. Jeon Woo Chi wasn't as blatantly compelling, but it grew on me.  Because of that, my obsessive nature and tendency to marathon books, shows, games-- just about anything-- didn't take over, and I was able to happily watch it at a steady, satisfying pace.  I never did get used to the cheesy wire-work. Still haven't gotten back to The Legend, but at the recommendation of a teacher, I watched and liked School 2013.

Gu Family Book was the first drama i watched as it was coming out. Really holding out for the follow-up. I Hear your Voice was creepy at times (and NOT b/c of age), but compelling. Now waiting for The Master's Son as it comes out.


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