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over the rainbow


over the rainbow

Hello everyone! I'm Bea and I started watching dramas back in 2016 during that Summer. I got addicted and now I can't stop! Wait... should I make this more detailed? Oh well, I have nothing better to do anyways (okay, I kind of have a degree to obtain but THAT'S NOT THE POINT).

My adventure in dramaland started back in 2016, 

when I got into Kpop. Until that moment, I had 

never watched anything Asian (except maybe some 

martial arts movies and a couple anime). My first 

drama was Boys Over Flowers (as expected) and to 

this day I remain a loyal Jihoo team member.

At first, I only watched Korean dramas but later, 

as I got into BL (boys love) dramas, I discovered 

the majestic Chinese dramas (thanks to 

Yandai Byway no.10) and the endearing cozy Thai 

dramas (with Part Time the Series) and so on. 

I have to say that thanks to dramas I have not

 only discovered a whole other world but I also 

got to expand my knowledge on many issues I knew

 little or nothing about. In 2019 I also decided to start 

learning Korean (seriously this time hahaha) and it’s 

even more exciting watching Korean dramas now!

Top Dramas!!                              

These are my favorite dramas I’ve watched so far. I’m sorry but

second, third, fourth and fifth place is a tie and I physically can’t 

choose one between them! (Click on the gif^^)


Top BL's!!

My favorite genres are probably Youth, Romance (with

 comedy!) and… BL!^^ My least favorite have always been 

Thrillers/Crime/Police and Law/Politics (for books and western

 movies as well!) because I found them too hard to understand 

but in 2019 I have found two amazing dramas that completely 

changed my perspective: History 3: Trapped and Punch. Both of 

them are great and I can’t recommend them enough. I learnt 

that just because something is challenging it doesn’t mean that you 

won’t like it. (Click on the gif for a list of my favorite BL’s)

Top Actors/Actresses!!

I’m also thankful I found more great actresses in 2019. 

Previously, this list (click on the gif again hahaha^^) 

was almost purely made out of men but the number of 

female actresses is finally going up and I couldn’t be 

happier. We love ourselves some female power, don’t 

we? My biggest crush will forever be Nam Joohyuk 

and even my boyfriend has accepted the fact that I will 

marry them both one day. Keep shinning, Joohyuk-ah <3. 

2019 Challenge

I created a dramalist account last year, when I started watching 

dramas obsessively but I only took on the yearly challenge in 

2019! So here is a link to my 2019 Challenge! (Yeah, the gif haha^^)


Here is a link to a playlist on Youtube with my favorite OST’s! 

Well… it’s still under construction! (Click on the gif…….^^)

Thank you for reading this and if you want, check my watchlist for more details on what I’ve been watching!
And add me as a friend if you’d like!!! I’m always here to listen to you and fangirl/boy/etc together!!


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