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over the rainbow

Hello! I'm Bea and I started watching dramas back in 2016, but I only got obsessed in 2018. I started using mydramalist more often in 2019. I watch dramas from every country, but mainly Korea. I'm open to recommendations and all sorts of messages. Let's be friends! If you want to know more about my favorite dramas, actors, my reviews etc etc, make sure to check my lists, reviews and my feeds!

Monthly Challenge 2020

My rating system:

10 stars:  absolute favorite, deeply attached to it, could rewatch it a thousand times! the apple of my eye, the reason why I watch dramas

My current favourite drama: Moon Lovers Scarlet Heart Ryeo

9.5 starsstill on my top favorites but with some flaws I noticed while watching, usually it's a drama that didn't start as a 10-stars drama but ended as one, must rewatch! 

A great example is Crash Landing on You (first 5 episodes: 7.5 stars, the rest: 9-10 stars)

9 stars: really high quality drama that surprised me, great even though it isn’t my favorite, rewatchable

Healer (the quality of the script and the acting is undeniable)

8.5 stars: really good drama but clearly flawed, attached so can’t bring myself to give it less than 8.5 stars, won’t rewatch any time soon but maybe one day

Heartstrings (I just really like it?!?!?!)

8 stars: good, either high quality drama that I didn’t feel very connected to, or plot full of clichés but that has an emotional value to me, probably wouldn’t rewatch

Fated to Love You (a walking cliché that works! I was very attached to it by the end even if getting there was a bit exhausting)

7.5 stars: crappy plot or characters but still entertained me or has some redeeming qualities, not very attached to it

7 stars: yeah just not good but i feel bad for giving it less stars because it had potential

6.5 stars: just annoyed the hell out of me even though i understand why others liked it

6 stars: worthless, wasted my time

5.5-1 stars: wow, i can’t believe i actually watched it. masochism be like :”

Things I love in dramas:

-smart leads

Punch (2014) (every character was super smart and the female lead is one of the best ever!)

-flawed and morally grey characters

Wang So, Moon Lovers (don't ever touch my baby, I'll protect him for life!!)

-villains that are actually villains and not just the second female character acting like a jealous idiot
I don't want to spoil those who haven't watched it but if you know, you know (I keep having nightmares with him, pls send help)

-well developped friendships that are not cast aside for the main couple to shine 24/7

Reply 1994 (two are missing in this gif)

-siblings!! that are actually relevant to the story

Goblin (these two will forever be iconic)

-a story that gives me more than just a story: teaches me something about a subject im not too familiar with, makes me research more about the theme, inspires me in any way
Flower of Evil (the amount of research I've done because of this show-)

-sad dramas that I can understand why they can’t be any other way

1 Litre of Tears (indeed)

-foreshadowing that doesnt give away the plot but just hints to possible endings

-when it tackles mental health issues
It's Okay, That's Love

-powerful osts that are connected to the plot of the drama

My favourites: Will Be Back (Moon Lovers) (+the whole soundtrack, to be honest), Feel You (Flower of Evil), When The Night Falls (While You Were Sleeping), Reply 1997/1994/1988 soundtracks

-funny moments that actually make me laugh out loud

Welcome to Waikiki (I couldn't find a gif of this scene but oh my god, the way I screamed...)

-smiling while kissing!

-stories that show the characters go from high school to university to adult life

A Love So Beautiful 

-when the male lead's not generically handsome at first but has that type of beauty that grows on you and you find him more handsome every time he appears on screen

-lead actors with a voice that can shake my insides

-undramatic love triangles between people that actually love each other and want the others to be happy
Reply 1988 (I love them so much ):)

-when it actually shows characters at work!

She Was Pretty (it made me want to work at an office)

-broad shoulders (sorry, it might be a kink)

-older male-younger female relationships

Goblin (I'm sorry, I can't help it)

-dramas that make me ugly cry even after the episode/drama has ended! but like, actually cry until my chest hurts

Once again, if you know, you know (After this scene I cried for two hours straight and even today, when I think about this drama I can feel the tears coming)

-nature shots

The Untamed (stunning scenes in every episode)

-Cute healthy relationships
Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo (we love an unproblematic couple that is absolute goals, don't we?)

-Well-explained fantasies without (too many, at least) plot holes

W - Two Worlds

-philosophical or emotional dialogues/quotes

Some of my favorites:

 It's Okay, That's Love "You don't become the weaker one because you love the other person more. You become the weaker one because you're not free at heart. Not worrying if you're getting back as much as you're giving . Just knowing that being able to love is enough to be okay and happy."

Crash Landing On You "If you give up on waiting, the pain of loss will kill you. That’s why I wait."


Kingdom (Korean zombies are superior) 

Things I hate:

-obsessive characters (unless they actually have a mental issue)

eg: Playful Kiss (the FL was completely obsessed with the ML, even deciding which career path to pursue based on HIS career choice)

-characters that never change throughout the whole show even though they clearly must change to be a better person

eg: Playful Kiss (hahaha Baek Seung Jo... I really wanted him to be less rude and stone cold but it just got worse as the episodes went by)
good eg: Good Morning Call: Our Campus Days (both the FL and the ML changed for the better and Uehara, whose personality was very similar to Baek Seung Jo, gave me the character development I needed and DESERVED)

-wasted potential

Ah... 2gether... History 3 MODC... The Bride of Habaek...

-lead actors who are clearly uncomfortable with each other (usually BLs)

2gether and Love by Chance (TinCan, I'm looking at you) give me the CHILLS!
good eg: Why r U? (not a perfect show but the chemistry was great)

-dramas that have no plot whatsoever except for the relationship between the two leads and sometimes the useless side characters (often found in BLs)

-the FL choosing the ML over the second lead even though the second lead is clearly the healthiest option, a much better person overall and so much more suitable for her and who has shown her nothing but love and respect unlike the ML

-romanticization of things that shouldnt be romanticizied

-when the same ost keeps playing over and over and ends up ruining the mood instead of helping create an atmosphere

eg: Super power girl~ in Strong Woman Do Bong Soon
-when parents abandon their children (happens in way too many dramas...)

-(the community) people who shit on a drama just because the ending wasn’t how they wanted it to be. If you like 14/16 episodes of a drama and hate the other two, why would you go around saying bad things about the whole show??? it turns other  people off before they even watch the show. also, just because it’s a sad ending, it doesn’t mean that it didn’t make sense or was forced. I've seen this happen with 2gether and Moon Lovers and I just think it's quite unfair.

And this is it! If you read until here, you're a brave soldier.

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