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A little bit about me and dramas :) 

Types of Dramas I Enjoy: Wuxia, Romance (obviously), Action, Historical, Fantasy, School Themes (sometimes); originally watched primarily romance, historical (e.g. "The King's Woman"), and wuxia mixed dramas but then watched a few school themed/modern ones (e.g. "Love O2O", "A Love So Beautiful") and they weren't bad so now I'm pretty much open to anything as long as the storyline/plot sounds interesting.

Honestly what makes a drama worth it for me is that .... a) it doesn't drag (like most historical dramas have up to 60ish episodes usually and sometimes the plot drags SO MUCH), b) acting is decent, c) if romance, male lead and female lead are/look/feel compatible (because what's the point of watching a romance drama if you're not rooting for the romance :P), d) PLOT: is not too cliche that it isn't unique, logical, interesting/entertaining aka I don't skip that much of it, and e) level of entertainment (cuz after all I'm watching this to be entertained xD). Of course, there are other factors such as emotion (hehe) and if I like the actors and actresses to begin with (usually I do) but these are just the basic factors. 

I tend to watch C dramas more, just because they are free to watch on youtube and if you have an adblocker, you can watch without ads. Whereas, on Viki, or Dramafever you have SO MANY ADS.  I also tend to watch dramas that have familiar faces (so actors/actresses I already know) cuz they're easier to find, but obviously I don't just stick with that cuz otherwise the amount of dramas I watch would be very limited. 

Some of my favorite actresses are: Yang Mi ("Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms"), Crystal Liu ("Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms" movie version), Cecilia Liu ("Lost Love in Times"), Dilraba Dilmurat ("Ten Miles..." and "The King's Woman"), Hu Bing Qing ("Legend of Dugu"), and Zhao Li Ying ("Princess Agents").

Some of my favorite actors are: Yang Yang ("Whirlwind Girl"), Hu Yi Tian ("A Love So Beautiful"), Wallace Huo ("The Journey of the Flower"), Eddie Peng ("Sound of the Desert"), Deng Lun ("Because of Meeting You"), and Zhang Bin Bin ("The Flame's Daughter").


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