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My name is Tia and I am 21

I began watching K-dramas in December 2020. I still remember the moment that drew me in, it was a clip of Hwang Inyoup as Han Seojun when he took his helmet off after crashing. 

Besides K-dramas, I also watch...

- bl dramas (Thai, Japanese, Korean, Taiwan, etc)

- dramas from other countries as well (China, Japan, Philippines, etc)


I am also a K-pop fan, the groups that I stan are...

BTS ~ Tomorrow x Together ~ Enhypen ~ Astro ~ Stray Kids

and a few others.

Even though I've been using MDL for almost 3 years now, I haven't explored it & gotten to understand it much until recently. I've seen so many cool profiles of other users and had no idea they could look so amazing and detailed, I hope eventually I'll be able to develop mine more as well.


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