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By the beach.


By the beach.
The Secret Message
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by biniBningPunkista

Jun 12, 2016
18 of 18 episodes seen
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Overall 7.5
Story 6.0
Acting/Cast 10.0
Music 8.0
Rewatch Value 7.0
The thing that I loved about this drama was the cinematography and visuals. It was so beautiful that I was able to overlook the cliche and lack of a good story line. Another thing that made it good were the actors. Ueno Juri was awesome as usual with how she's able to depict the emotion of pain, loss, trying to be happy and act normal despite her past. Choi Seung-hyun, on the other hand was a breath of fresh air in this drama. I am so used to seeing him as a bad-ass guy who either kills people or save them. Can't miss him in movies without a gun and a car. Here, he's got none of those two things. Even the serious look, because his character is quite dorky and passionate as a wannabe director. So those character roles are the closest I could get out of the drama to make it seem interesting. I could have cared less for the supporting cast since I feel that without them, this drama could still go on... except for Yoo In Ah. I simply have a bias for that actress, so I love the fact that she got to support Ueno Juri through out the series. Music wise, it was okay... until the part where Seung-hyun rendered a song... and because of that, I'm giving this drama a plus point. That's something to look forward into the whole drama. If you're looking for something that's easy and short to watch but not mind blowing, this drama is perfect for you. It has 18 episodes that runs at least 11 minutes each, then it's going to be a fast watch and not a total waste of time. I won't be rewatching this anytime soon, but I will definitely look this up in the future if I want to be inspired with my photography. This drama is simply full of photo clips that are awesome.
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