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the chair i'm glued in, that sits in front of my desk uwu


the chair i'm glued in, that sits in front of my desk uwu
My Mowgli Boy chinese drama review
My Mowgli Boy
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by eira
Oct 10, 2019
50 of 50 episodes seen
Overall 7.0
Story 6.5
Acting/Cast 8.0
Music 8.0
Rewatch Value 6.0

Intriguing opener but terrible plot development

Mainly going to review the plot because the other components (acting/cast and music) were great.

I really liked how the story was captivating from the start (different from typical C-drama openers) and there was always a new story or goal for at least one of the characters/pairs. However, the plot did dragged in the middle because there's a lot of couples and the drama goes into each couple's story at some point. Each character/couple's "story" refers to their romantic lives, family relationships, AND work/jobs, so you can probably see why this drama ends up at 50 episodes... They also introduced a few new minor characters in the middle, which gave a nice break from the main characters' endless stories but also meant there's someone else's story to follow now.

IMO, the drama would have been more interesting if they expanded on Mowgli's adapting to civilization and the FL helping him adjust because that was what intrigued me the most. And it's not that I didn't enjoy the other couples, but if they only focused on one or two primary couples like most dramas do, then the drama could have ended wonderfully at the typical 20 or so episodes. Also worth mentioning that the story went downhill in the end, everything became super unrealistic and the ending was just unsatisfactory and weird. There was a lot of potential with this novel story but it didn't turn out for me.

Overall, it was still a good watch to kill time, but not amazing enough to get you hooked and waiting anxiously for the next episodes to come out. If I rewatched, I'd probably watch the first half of the drama again and stop there.
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