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the chair i'm glued in, that sits in front of my desk uwu


the chair i'm glued in, that sits in front of my desk uwu
My Life as Loan Shark hong kong drama review
My Life as Loan Shark
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by eira
Oct 13, 2019
25 of 25 episodes seen
Overall 8.5
Story 9.0
Acting/Cast 8.0
Music 8.0
Rewatch Value 8.0
I thought I wasn't going to like this drama because I didn't like that the main character (Dai Kam Chai) was a loan shark and used force (typical) to collect debts. The other main character was a policeman so I thought the plot would just revolve around the police trying to put Kam Chai in jail, etc. but I was wrong! The story took a turn and he became a conscientious man (not a spoiler, mentioned in the synopsis). That's when it became fun to watch because you get to see his character development and watch his company (aka him and his few sidekicks) change its way of collecting debts, which is pretty comical!

The story not only focuses on Kam Chai but also his family as well and that's also another reason the drama was a great watch. His mom sure is a character and her interactions with Kam Chai's wife are hilarious. Everyone has their own morals and ways of doing things so you see a lot of differences between the "good" and the "bad." Some people are completely against each other while others are just middlemen trying to mediate situations on both sides. Acting was on point with many of the old/popular actors and actresses lined up, so nothing to worry about there. All in all, I really liked the moral of the story - - people can change and the good always trumps over the bad; don't judge people by their cover because they can change, etc. There's just many parts of the story that are great life lessons.

The only thing is you might need to wait until ep 2-3 before the story gets anywhere (if I remember correctly). Definitely recommend though!
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