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the chair i'm glued in, that sits in front of my desk uwu


the chair i'm glued in, that sits in front of my desk uwu
Madam Cutie On Duty hong kong drama review
Madam Cutie On Duty
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by eira
Oct 13, 2019
20 of 20 episodes seen
Overall 8.0
Story 8.0
Acting/Cast 8.0
Music 7.5
Rewatch Value 8.5
This was the first HK drama I watched and I really enjoyed it; I've fallen in love with HK dramas ever since. I think HK dramas are pretty underrated but I know they're not for everyone. HK dramas tend to have simple plots, unless they involve crime-solving/police, and they generally film in the same select few scenes/areas. For example, a drama might have a lot of scenes where characters are talking in the same cafeteria, someone's house, or some bar/cafe that a character owns, etc. They're definitely not like kdramas where every plot is super different but super good, so HK dramas tend to be a hit or a miss, even for me. I watched this drama while it was still airing and I was always so excited for the next episode to come out, which is pretty rare for me nowadays. While waiting for the new ep, I'd often rewatch the last aired episode because I just liked it that much. Personally, I dig simple plots as long as there's lots of romance between ML and FL, and this drama hits the spot.

The plot is straightforward and basically revolves around ML and FL solving one case. More of the time is spent on the three housewives' families and ML/FL's lives and issues (so four couples/families) rather than that single case itself, which I didn't mind because it's rom-com, not mystery/thriller. You get to see ML and FL learn to deal with each other since they're temporarily living together and you also get to see them form real relationships with the housewives and their families. I think the main reason the plot sucked me in so much is that there isn't really a love triangle for the main chars and any potential love interests for either main lead is brief. There aren't really any of the typical misunderstandings and breakups or second lead syndrome either! Everything is just super straightforward, minimal twists, and a satisfying ending :)

Currently rewatching for the 3rd or 4th time as I type this review, so you can see how much I like it. I ship them so much, and the main actor and actress got married irl :D I do recommend if you want a simple but straightforward and romantic drama. One of my favorite HK dramas that isn't police/crime story.
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