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the chair i'm glued in, that sits in front of my desk uwu


the chair i'm glued in, that sits in front of my desk uwu
My Girlfriend is an Alien chinese drama review
My Girlfriend is an Alien
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by eira
Oct 20, 2019
28 of 28 episodes seen
Overall 7.0
Story 7.0
Acting/Cast 7.5
Music 6.5
Rewatch Value 7.0
This review may contain spoilers
First thing's first, if you're looking to enjoy this drama, you may have to overlook some things about the plot. When you break down the story, you'll find that it's nothing but your average romantic love story and the only thing different is that the main characters are not so average. There's the typical rich ML who's a CEO of his family's company, the overbearing parents who want ML to marry the person they think best suits him, the second FL who tries to sabotage ML/FL's relationship, the annoying misunderstandings where one character doesn't let the other person finish and storms out, etc. The characters also think they know what's best for the other person, so they decide things on their own without telling the truth... blahblah. Basically, if FL wasn't an alien, you'd probably get bored and frustrated watching the drama but if you can get passed all of that/deal with it, then you're good to go! (NOTE: You're not going to have to overlook every scene in the drama, it's just to warn you that these things may come up.)

Personally, I did enjoy this drama because FL is an alien so a lot of things she does are unconventional to humans, like when she gets super touchy-feely with men with great bodies haha. Sure, I got bored in the middle because I couldn't stop thinking about how average the plot was (minus the alien aspect) so I did skip parts of episodes, but it was enjoyable overall because of the copious amounts of sweet/adorable scenes between ML/FL. The relationships she forms with characters are formed under very odd and unrealistic circumstances, but just go with it. You might need to watch until ep 4-5 until the story starts to pick up and get exciting. After that, I'd say around ep 12 is when I started to get a bit bored, but then it picks up again later on.

The acting was okay, everyone is new to me so I wasn't expecting too much. It wasn't exceptional but it wasn't unbearable for me either. FL's actress did a great job, though, because her appearance just fit the role and her acting wasn't too over. It's easy to make a cute and innocent FL role seem annoying or too fake because the actress looked unnatural or tried to hard but I didn't find that an issue here. As for the music, I rated it lower because I surprisingly have no impression of the songs whatsoever; usually at least one song sticks with me but that wasn't the case with this drama.

TL;DR: If you don't take the drama too seriously and overlook some things, this can be very enjoyable!
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