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the chair i'm glued in, that sits in front of my desk uwu


the chair i'm glued in, that sits in front of my desk uwu
The Love by Hypnotic chinese drama review
The Love by Hypnotic
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by eira
Nov 13, 2019
36 of 36 episodes seen
Overall 9.0
Story 8.5
Acting/Cast 9.0
Music 9.0
Rewatch Value 9.0
Wow. I have SO many things to say about this drama. First off, this was one of my first periodical rom-coms and I definitely enjoyed it but it put me through an emotional roller-coaster! Maybe I’m just not familiar with how they work, but one episode the couple is lovey-dovey and so cute/sweet but in the next they’re already going through disaster and heartbreak. Just when I thought it was going to be stuck in the low point, they throw in some unexpected comedy and I still haven’t gotten out from the sadness so I don’t know how to react lol. But this is exactly one of the reasons I enjoyed this drama, because even when you’re considering dropping the drama or you just can’t stand the plot anymore, things change for the better and it’s suddenly sunshines and rainbows. I will admit, my feelings for this drama changed so many times throughout; at first I was so addicted and couldn’t wait for the next episode, then I lost motivation when the plot was taking a turn, but once things unfolded again I was so hooked and my heart went out for the characters.

You may have heard that the second lead love interests are detestable and make you want to drop the drama, THIS IS TRUE. In the earlier episodes (ep 12-17 to be exact), you’ll want to rip your hair out. Personally, I’m used to seeing 2FLs who won’t take no for an answer and can’t back down so I could handle Qiao Hui Xin (2FL), but the 2ML Yun Si was completely unbearable. I tried so hard to refrain from skipping his scenes just to watch the story but MAN this guy needs help. You learn his story and can understand his predicament later but still, the guy needs to chill.

In my opinion, these second leads were mostly vexing in the first part of the drama but after a while they started to “grow” on me in a sense that I no longer hated them or got tired of seeing them, but actually felt bad for them and empathized with them. It’s like watching teenagers who really want something and will work hard to get it, maybe even use improper tactics to do so, but then everything is in vain. All they wanted was love, was it so hard to ask for? Yes. Fate toyed with them and put them through hell… But I really liked the way the characters “changed” or at least you got to see their feelings change in response to the situation, especially the second leads. They don’t just end as irritating characters, they have something more to them. Maybe what they’re doing right now is what they need, but after they calm down they’ll realize it goes against their original goal or feelings.

This drama is basically just a big fight for love; you see how people react when they have to marry someone they don’t want to marry, how people react when they can or can’t be with their loved one, what people will do for their loved one, etc… the list goes on. Some end up fortunate but some get the short end of the stick. Plot wise, I found it a little more simple than I expected and would have liked, but it’s okay. If you’ve watched The Eternal Love and Princess Silver, this drama is kind of like their baby, if they were to have one lol. You have rom-com components and loving couple of The Eternal Love, but the plot and character relationships/dynamics of Princess Silver.

Even if you can’t stand the main plot, you should really watch just for the sweet fluff between ML/FL. The way they react, the things they say, their STEAMY KISSES, and how could I forget sleepwalking Li Qian LOL. Is there a such thing as too MUCH kissing? Maybe XD. It’s seriously worth it even to just watch their scenes throughout. As for the acting, all of them were new to me but I think they did pretty great, especially the actress for Qiao Hui Xin and Li Xun's actors. Great portrayal of the inner turmoil and desire!

I think I over-hyped this drama (lol) but I would highly recommend this drama even though it makes your emotions go all over the place, sometimes makes your blood boil, and sometimes makes you wonder why you’re still watching or what you’re still expecting. Sure, it might just feel like a typical drama with a fight for romance, but if you empathize with the characters and think about how you might act in their position, you might find it more enjoyable. Would rewatch all the way through, even through those unbearable scenes, because I like the way the characters are written and shown. Hope you all give this a shot!
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