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Goal: Learning and practising Korean, Chinese and Thai languages through drama/movie watching.

Side goal: Writing reviews as a form of practise in analysing and polishing writing skill

I majored in psychology and counseling, hence the tendency to analyse drama/movie characters and guess story plots. Usually gravitates towards drama/movie with themes on criminal investigation and/or psychology thriller. However tends to watch rom-com and fantasy related drama/movie when want to destress or let my brain rest. Otherwise I am okay with watching any drama/movie I intuitively feel good about after reading synopsis.

Not very into following genres of drama/movie (not necessarily will not watch but actively choosing not to): 

  • melo (especially crying non-stop every single scene gosh)
  • family saga (ala many of those from Korean KBS)
  • musical type where characters sing and sing (I prefer watching musicals live at theatre, thanks)
  • war/political themes
  • historical especially those on dynasties reigns (I prefer documentaries for real facts, plus watching these not really helping with my language learning since languages spoken in these drama/movie are different. I am just a modern person who find it hard to digest ancient stuff, sorry)
  • slice of life (I have enough in my own life to not want to relive them again through drama/movie)

I multitask a lot (even though not efficient and even unhealthy imo) when it comes to drama/movie watching. I usually work on spilt screen mode whereby one side is doing the so-called important tasks of either work/study related while the other side is either drama/movie watching mode lol. Usually when I'm watching something that requires a lot of thinking then I will either watch it while reading a book or exercising instead of working/studying so as to prevent errors lol. I think because of this multitask habit, I have the tendency not to remember names of the characters, sometimes even the main characters so what more of the side kicks supporting, whoops. So for me to remember a certain character and the story plot in detail, then I must have really enjoyed and loved the drama/movie a lot to actually stop multitask and focus on watching :P


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