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... Just an ordinary student ...

I love to watch dramas -- KoreanChineseTaiwaneseHong KongJapanese

and also Korean and Chinese variety shows

I've been a drama fan since I was around 11 or 12 years old, and I created this account just to keep track of all the dramas I've already watched. I rarely drop dramas because when I start dramas, I just want to see it til the end even if it means just skipping through it. I also have a tendency to not start a drama until I know that it has finished airing or is almost done airing. 

I am fluent in English Cantonese and also know some Mandarin which I picked up after so many years of watching Chinese dramas with only chinese subtitles because english subtitles could never be found.

I also love to listen to K-pop and a little bit of Chinese music.

My favorite group is BTS (my ultimate bias is Jungkook)! 

I also really like Seventeen (my bias keeps switching back and forth between Hoshi, Mingyu, and The8)!

But I do listen to other groups and artists too.

Some of my favorite artists are Taeyeon, Crush, Jay Park (in general, a fan of AOMG and H1GHR MUSIC),  Dean, and there's definitely a lot more. 

Some Chinese artists I like to listen to are Jay Chou, JJ Lin, Eric Chou, Mao Buyi, etc. 

I also like to listen to a lot of drama OSTs too. 

My friends are not interested in these kinds of stuff, so there is no one to share these things with...



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