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:current recommendations - The Untamed, Deep In My Heart:

ABOUT ME: I am a proud Canadian/Chinese kid who watches Asian dramas, TV shows and plays video games and music in my free time.  I mainly tend to lean towards action, crime, fantasy, psychological, wuxia/xianxia and historical dramas most. My average rating for a decent, watchable drama/movie is 8. If it's below that, then it's really bad, since my standards for an 8 are kinda low. I find my judgement on filmography and stuff to be fair, even considering my age, for I have seen my fair share of TV shows and movies in general (not just Asian ones). My biases are Wu Lei, Kenny Chen, Liu Hao Ran and Chen Ruo Xuan (they are just so precious).

Fluent in English, Chinese and French so I may do translations in the future.

FAVOURITE DRAMAS: Ever Night, The Dark Lord, Evil Minds, Die Now, The Legends, Noble Aspirations, Guardian, Love 020, 3 Nen A Kumi: Ima kara Mina-san wa Hitojichi Desu, Healer, The Untamed, Novoland: Eagle Flag and HIStory 3: Trapped. 

NOTE: I don't dislike romance at all, but would disagree with most people's top dramas for romance just isn't the main thing I'm looking for, unless done well like Love 020 or The Legends. I highly dislike stories with unnecessary love triangles that drag on for too long (That's kind of what ruined Ashes Of Love for me). But I'm no against it, as I said, it just isn't my focus (Ever Night for example. I'm there for the revenge story of Ning Que and Sang Sang more than I am for their relationship. Same goes with The Dark Lord).  Unpopular opinion but I found Ten Miles of Peach Blossom to be pretty average ( please don't hate me, I wanna make friends xd ). Mostly a Chinese Drama watcher, but I enjoy Korean, Thailand, Japanese and Taiwanese dramas too~

IMPORTANT: I'm kinda on shortage recently, so if you got any good psychological, action, crime, fantasy or wuxia/historical dramas to recommend, I would like to know :D


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