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my life as a K-DRAMA FAN (ADDICT)                                                                                                            

I started to like Korean Dramas when I watched Princess Hours|Goong (2006)  in my country that is already dubbed. If I remember I'm still in grade school but I'm already enjoying that drama. Korean Dramas really become popular at that time and over the years more k-dramas were shown in our country and it become Hit! You're's Beautiful, My Girlfriend Is A Gumiho, Boys Over Flowers these are the dramas that really made me fall in love to K-drama World! I got interest to watched online when the drama Missng You will aired in 2013, and one week before airing I started to watch it online. Because of  this drama I become a 100% k-drama fan. If I remember I'm really hooked to the story, characters, and OSTs and after that I rewatch the dramas that I already know and started to try new dramas.  That's the time I experienced the symptoms of being a K-drama Addict! :))

Since I already experienced it, I will share what are the signs that you already a K-drama Addict | Fan:

You spend all day watching korean dramas
You have an insatiable craving for Korean food
Using Korean terms in Real life
Eye bags and more eye bags
 Seeing & hearing Koreans in real life excites you
You start to learn Korean language and dreams to travel South Korea
Focusing at work & school is the greatest challenge
You feel sad and lost when you finish a series
Your playlist is composed of KDrama OSTs
You get dragged into KPOP
Waiting For the Next Episode Every Week
When You Have 'MyDramalist' Account
When the drama still airing in your country and you already watched the whole drama
When people say they all look the same and You're like 'NO THEY DON'T!'
When your bias actress and actor are in the same drama
Eating + Watching K-Drama = Happiness
When your favorite drama have already subtitles
You already know what K-dramas will be airing for the next month
When your chatting  with your k-drama fan friend and others felt like your in other world
One of the reasons why you're still single

AND you already know where you can watch and download K-dramas  with English Subtitles for FREE! (recommended)


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