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Larissa, gr


Larissa, gr

I'm just a 19 y/o medical laboratory student who loves watching dramas.

rating system:

10: A masterpiece. Perfect acting, plot, cinematography, OSTs, etc. I highly recommend this drama/movie (probably rewatching it in the future)

 9,5/8: An amazing drama/movie but not perfect, enjoyed watching it but there were some details that I would like to change. The half point is a bonus for the actors or the plot. (I recommend)

7: A quite good drama/movie. I either have many unanswered questions or the plot isn't my cup of tea.

6-5: Not the worst but could've been better. It has some nice parts that made me continue watching it.

I won't go lower than 6-5 because if a drama/movie is that bad I will just drop it instead of wasting my time.


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