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Singing in the Rain

Live from the The Alhambra

Singing in the Rain

Live from the The Alhambra

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My name is Olivia (Liv for short) and I am fairly new to the so called world of Asian dramas and general entertainment. What first brought me into it was researching Bae Doo Na's filmography as she starred in the series "Sense8" (which I was faithfully watching at the time). Thanks to this I came across the first k-drama I watched, "Stranger" (2017). Once I was done with it, the addiction settled in and I jumped right into one of my favourite dramas,  "Master's Sun" (2013). I haven't stopped ever since.

Although I am somewhat slow at going through each episode (I have accumulated a rather large backlog of dramas to watch), I try to write reviews once I am done or at least plan to eventually write one. I also post screenshots of the leading actresses every 2 episodes or even numbered episodes. Please feel free to use my screenshots in whichever way you wish. You can also find my screenshots on tumblr.

When I am out of focus I waste time on video games and spend countless hours on youtube.

If you ever wish to talk, send me a message or add me on discord Singing in the Rain#7930!


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