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A 37 old writer, anime lover, webtoon lover and lately drama lover. Shy at first, i tend to blabber a lot.  Asexual.

On hold means for me that is a possibility that might be finished. Once I put on finished, is done. 

Any drama over 8 for me is good. I don't really care if had 6+ overall, if I enjoy for me is good. 

I am a very nice person, but dont piss me off.. never assume things on stuff I say, because you do not know me. 

What I love? Soft bl stories. Cand have NC scenes, but to have a plot too.

Horror, thrillers, action. I do watch romance sometimes to change the routine.

 First Chinese drama: The Untamed, ( 2020 june)
First Korean drama: All of Us Are Dead (2022 february)
First Thai Drama; Not Me ( 2022 march)
First Japanese Drama: 30-sai made Dotei Da to Mahotsukai ni Nareru rashii ( 2022 march)
First Taiwanese drama: We Best Love: No. 1 For You( 2022 march)

Favorite Ending/Insert/Openings Songs etc

1. The Uncanny Counter- Close your Eyes: Isaac Hong 
 - The Rose: Stranger
 - Isaac Hong: Ruin 
- The Vain: Room no. 303
3.Sweet Home: Bewhy: side by side 
4. The Yin-Yang Master: Dream of Eternity: Deng Lun: Tomb of Infatuation 

5. Tomorrow :  Summer Flower: Kang Seung Yoon (#Heon)

6. The Guest:  Somewhere, all versions, Bad Dream. Tracks: Exorcism/Alone/Far away

7. Beyond EvilAll OST

8. Flower of EvilDoko: Psycho, Flower of evil track. 

9. Train  I Will Never – Jo Won Sun/ Train is Coming

10. Zombie DetectiveBe Ok - I'll 

11. The Devil Judge:  HuckleBerryfinn - Tempest,  Sondia -  Nightmare, Zeenan - What you gonna do, I Am the Abyss, Enemy of Truth 

12. While You Were Sleeping:  When the Nightmares Started

13. Happiness:  Jemma - Enigma. Enimgma Instrumental/Chaos 

14. The Veil: Yaori - Reason

15. Awaken: Daybreak 

16. WBasick ft INKII: In the Illusion. / I want to erase sadness bgm

17. Unknown: Freak by Waji


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