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Hello~ My name is Dani, short for Danielle. 

I got into Korean dramas around March 2014 because I saw a screencap of The Heirs on my dash and I thought it was funny and just had to know what it was from. That's when I fell into a black hole.

I mainly watch Korean dramas, but I'm actively trying to expand my horizons.

Let's be friends~



Dramas Watched in 2024:

  1. King the Land
  2. My Boss
  3. Romance of a Twin Flower
  4. The Romance of Tiger and Rose
  5. Lost Romance
  6. Love Is Sweet
  7. Till the End of the Moon
  8. Lovers of the Red Sky
  9. The Eternal Love
  10. A Business Proposal
  11. Lovely Runner
  12. Only For Love
  13. Oh My Ghost
  14. Touch Your Heart
  15. Because This Is My First Life
  16. Perfect and Casual
  17. The Eternal Love 2
  18. Cute Programmer
  19. Just You
  20. Hidden Love
  21. Meteor Garden
  22. The Forbidden Flower


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