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Welcome to my wonderful profile! 

If I added you and we haven’t spoken before, it’s probably  because I either think you’re someone who writes really interesting reviews, of you wrote something that I liked, or because we have the same taste in dramas  (or all of that!)

A bit about me: I’m a third year at university and I study languages/translation. I’m from the land of chocolate and watches, and although I’m a bit shy I’m always happy to make new friends, so don’t hesitate to send me a friend request or a PM! 

Regarding dramas/movie, I basically love everything that’s dark/twisted, or where the ML gets framed, or detective dramas. I sometimes love a cute romance as well, but I prefer when it’s japanese or Chinese (I don’t like as much Romance Korean dramas-I prefer their dark movies :) ) I’m also into japanese slice of life movies! 

-----> How I started watching dramas: 

My childhood was full of manga, manhwa and anime.  Then I found out that some manga were adapted into live action movies or drama... And so I  started watching dramas with Bloody Monday when I was 11- and couldn't stop afterwards

I've also been watching Kdramas since ~2012-2013. I like them for the extremely  good quality of the filming and their incredible Noir movies/ drama ~

I've been into Chinese dramas since ~2016. I created this account after I saw nobody had made a review of Evil Minds! Since then, I’ve loved watching The Untamed, Tomb of the lost sea  and Never Say Never :)

I like Japanese movies because there always is THAT special atmosphere. I can't describe it but if you're a J-movie fan, you know what I'm talking about (=゚ω゚)ノ

I like Japanese rock (One Ok Rock, No regret life, Asian Kung fu generation) and other bands such as Galileo Galilei or Kat-tun \o/

I like Kpop as well, although since I’ve been less and less on social media’s I’m kind of getting away from it. My fave groups (ults) are Bigbang and BAP, but I also like EXO, Ikon, Infinite and TVXQ and JYJ. 


My all-time favorites J-actors are probably Sato Takeru, Yamada Takayuki and Oguri Shun :) although there are plenty more that I discover everyday and that amaze me. These are simply the ones I've known the longest and whom I still wait with impatience every new movie/Drama. My first actor-crush was of course Miura Haruma and his killing smile. When I watched all his movies/dramas/performances, I started looking for more- and since my first drama, Bloody Monday, was also starring Sato Takeru, I naturally started following his career. UPDATE: recently, I’m also liking Suda masaki a lot! And Matsuzaka Toori keeps getting really interesting roles. 

As for Korean actors, I like Ji Chang Wook quite a lot, as well as Sung joon and Kang Dong Won. Jung kyung ho is my fav though, as I was totally amazed by his performance in various dramas/ movies. (Discovered him in a Cruel city!!)

And I'm learning Japanese since a few years ago with the help of dramas, hehe (and a few books of course). Edit: I also finally officially studied it at a university when I had to do a year abroad (Erasmus) in my second year. 

My English isn’t perfect, but I can also speak French (my mother tongue), German and Spanish, so feel free to talk to me in one of these languages if you speak them! 



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