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Hi, I'm Chelsea 

It's really hard to choose favourites and I have a soft spot for melodramas and historical dramas.} I have watched my fair share so here's some facts.

My Ultimate (Girl)  Kpop Bias Group : SNSD 

The Best Acting from SNSD has to either be The Defendant or The K2


My Ultimate (Boy) Kpop Bias Group : BIGBANG



  • My Ultimate C-Pop Bias Group  : TFBOYS 
  • My love for them increased to a whole new level after watching their web series : Finding Soulz1dkOOV4_77963b_f.jpg
  • My Favourite Chinese Actors 
  • Hu Ge and Wang Kai - like no kidding the bromance is Nirvana in Fire hit so HARD.W19QZ891_b3f213_f.jpg
  • My Favourite Korean Actors  Song Joong Ki & Park Bo Gum. 
  • D45QGG74_be3c8d_f.jpgW3rXWZv1_ecb772_f.jpg
  • My Favourite Korean Actress -  The person who always has been my bias is Park Shin Hye.61G0mZbL_51de39_f.jpg

  • My Two Ultimate Thai Actress Biases :
  • Mai Davika and Esther Supreeleela 
  • Mai's Plerng Naree and Esther's Leh Ratree are definitely worth checking out .
  • V3W8DAg4_79435a_f.jpg

My Ultimate Thai Actor Biases :

  • Mario Maurer & Mark Prin & Nadech Kugimiya 
  • W19QZmR1_7924ed_f.jpg
  • jLl9KDA3_1081cc_f.jpg
  • MLOOPmNL_8a53b4_f.jpg
  • My Favourite K- Dramas
  • Good Doctor
  • jLl9KKz3_79f30c_f.jpg
  • - The Moon Embraces The Sun and Goblin
  • 73DoggpL_5eb21c_f.jpg
  • I just cannot get over the childhood couple In METS and the wonderfulness of Goblin.d3k5BBW1_35f3cd_f.jpg
  • My Favourite C- Dramas 
  • Nirvana in Fire - everything about this drama is just wonderful. Highly Recommended!
  • The Disguiser -  great espionage drama M4POxx53_ee5465_f.jpg
    e109dm7L_81a7af_f.jpgMy Favourite J- Dramas
  • Great Teacher Onizuka (GTO) I was an avid fan of the anime long before I came across the drama. I would also tie this drama with Mother's Game and Kazoku Game.

  • My Favourite Thai Lakorns 
  • Is a tie between my two favourite thai actress = two dramas are tied.. 
  • Esther's Puer Tur and Mai's Plerng Naree
  •                                    Puer Tur has the angst and the purest form of love.
  • b4qX6693_eb1bc1_f.jpg
  • Plerng Naree has the sweet moments and the revenge. 

  • My First K- Drama 
  • Autumn in My Heart (2000)-  The Young Song Hye Kyo and Won Bin. 
  • One of the most depressing dramas I have ever watched. 
  • 732pAAW1_ae474f_f.jpg

  • My First Chinese Drama 
  • Chinese Paladin

  • The Drama that sparked my forever love of Historical Dramas
  • Scarlet Heart
  • p1RR8z81_79bd94_f.jpg

  • My First Japanese Drama 
  • 1 Litre of Tears
  • Its just as the name suggests and much more. 
  • mLA0lrA1_198240_f.jpg

  • My Favourite Anime { huge fan } - Code Geass (both seasons)  and Clannad After Story

  • VLQYJAqL_6a2f5e_f.jpg

  • d4vopdd1_4bfbf4_f.jpg

  • Let's watch together. Simple Yet Significant - See the Good 



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