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  • Location: Ontario, Canada, wishing to be back in Japan
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Ontario, Canada, wishing to be back in Japan


Ontario, Canada, wishing to be back in Japan

I am a man that has lost all hope, faith, and most of all, trust in women, and mostly thanks to these feminist swines who just don't care who they hurt, male or female, and they think they're happy, HA!!!

I loathe so called love triangles, especially since they aren't about love at all, they are selfish, obsessive and offensive, I loathe main/2nd lead romances as they are just as offensive and despicable as these despicable triangles. I hate when writers have the main leads split up for whatever reason, it is so unnecessary and ludicrous. Lastly I hate overbearing parents who enjoy destroying their kids' dreams or love lives, perfect example, Secret Garden, that mother so needed to be burned at the stake for the pain and hurt she caused not only to her son, but to his girlfriend, later to be his wife, as well.

I EXTREMELY loathe the phrase, "ALL IS FAIR IN LOVE AND WAR", that is the most selfish and obsessive saying EVER!!!

I am now EXTREMELY BIASED against Korean and Taiwanese dramas/movies, they are so OBSESSED with SELFISH, OBSESSIVE, DESPICABLE and OFFENSIVE triangles and main/2nd lead romances. They are trash writers, it's like they get their kicks out of seeing people getting hurt, and likewise with some Japanese dramas I've seen but the Japanese are still MUCH MUCH MUCH better writers. I have dropped all of the above mentioned garbage, was deleting but that defeats the purpose, all Korean, Taiwanese, Chinese, and Hong Kong dramas and movies, so if there are any dramas or movies you see on my Plan to Watch list of the Japanese dramas or movies that have any triangles or main/2nd lead romances that you know of, please inform me, thanks. You'll save me from popping a cork, seriously....

Finally, I am so against women that hit us men, how many times I see a woman slapping a man across the face for something he's said or done, or hitting, using violence period. You see so much more, SO MUCH MORE of women hitting men than men hitting women, it's despicable, and it is just plain wrong. Men shouldn't hit women, and likewise the same, women shouldn't be hitting us men. The amount of women that hit or slap men compared to men hitting women is a ratio of 7 to 1, pretty and really pathetic. Men or women who hit the opposite sex are lowlife scum of the earth trash, it were better they were never born. They need to have their hands chopped off, a very strong punishment, but then again, that probably wouldn't work. I loath, and that isn't strong enough how I feel about the women who slap or hit men, even when laughing about a movie, or something in a movie, you see a woman slapping a man's arm, she is worse than trash in my books... Next time one of you despicable women hit or slap me, you're be getting it back, and I will be in my rights for doing it, it's called SELF DEFENSE...I've been a gentle and kind soul all my life, but thanks to you kinds of women that hit, slap, cheat, lie, selfish, and feminist, you have made me into the person I am today. 

I'll probably be banned for my thoughts and comments, I'm sorry for being offensive at the time of my comments, but it is the truth and the truth be heard. You can still leave messages for me, but I don't read hate mail, so if I see it even starting to look like it might be, I immediately delete it without reading further, but if anyone wants to, needs to, feels the need to, my email address is:

d o c _ t y l e r (at) h o t m a i l (dot) com

I generally check my mails at least once a day on average.


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