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Eulachacha Waikiki 2
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by drama-watcher

9 days ago
16 of 16 episodes seen
Overall 8.0
Story 8.0
Acting/Cast 8.0
Music 8.0
Rewatch Value 7.0
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I've seen the first season & after finishing the second season, there are some differences.

First of all, not a lot of guests compared to the first season. I have often forget they owned a guesthouse and would be reminded when a random person comes ask them for something.

I think the comedy level has decrease from the first season but it still has its shared of comedy, though sometimes I did felt like it was forced and maybe the writers tried too hard to make something funny when it ended up being more annoying to me (Ex: Joon Ki pulling pranks on everybody). However, with the lessen in comedy, the writers made it up in the vulnerability of the characters. We got to see another side of the characters that I'm glad was shown. It shows the hard work, the hardships, and struggles when trying to reach your dreams. That gave me a sense of reality and I really appreciated that.

I also liked how each character got a spotlight in some episodes so there wasn't just 1 male lead or 1 female lead. Instead there were 3 male leads and 3 female leads. All of their stories, their dreams, & struggles were shown and that just gave these actors and actresses to show another side to them besides being funny. For me that highlight would be Joon Ki, when he suddenly got depressed after seeing another struggling actor facing a similar situation he went through. Overall, each character had a story and pretty much a beginning, middle, & end as well.

Romance though, just liked the first season, I didn't see much of it as I would've liked. Though I will admit, Ki Bong & Yoo Ri probably stole the spotlight in the romance department. They just had more screen time together and more interactions with each other, along with confessing their feelings a lot earlier. I saw the chemistry between Woo Shik & Soo Yeon in this drama. I was rooting for them but the writers just didn't do justice for them when it came to romance. Soo Yeon was too focus on her career so she never noticed Woo Shik in a boyfriend kind of way and that was disappointing. By the time they do end up together, it was too late for me because it occurred at the last episode, like the very last moment, and still, I wished Soo Yeon's lines would've been different. The connection I felt in the beginning and middle of the drama, was gone by the end. Joon Ki & Jung Eun, I felt like they should've just remained as friends. I kinda didn't like how the writers tried to pair them up in the end when there's really no chemistry between them other than friends.

Story: The ending felt rushed. Some things (Ex: Ki Bong's dream of being a baseball player) all of the sudden came back to the plot after being gone for several episodes. The romance could've been a lot better for Woo Shik & Soo Yeon but I guess it kinda balanced out a little bit because of Ki Bong & Yoo Ri relationship. All the main characters played an important role because the writers showed their highs & lows in their lives.

Acting/Cast: I felt like this group bonded a whole lot more than season 1. They seemed a lot closer to each other. Some actors & actresses does outshine the others when it comes to specific scenes.

Music: I liked the osts played in this drama. It matches a lot of the scenes well. Though I may not add all to my music playlist, I personally liked the ost of Seol Ha Yoon - Forever More. This song, I would add to my playlist.

Rewatch: I probably wouldn't rewatch all of the episodes but probably specific episodes where each actor & actresses shine when it comes to showing their vulnerability.
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