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Left-Handed Wife korean drama review
Left-Handed Wife
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by drama-watcher
May 31, 2019
103 of 103 episodes seen
Left-Handed Wife korean drama review
Overall 3.0
Story 5.0
Acting/Cast 4.0
Music 1.0
Rewatch Value 1.0
This review may contain spoilers
When I first saw this drama the beginning of the year, it had an interesting drama plot to me. I don't normally do daily dramas because there's too much frustration but I decided to give this one a chance but I do regret it though. Don't get me wrong though, there were some strong points in this drama. The pace seemed very good a little before the midway (eps 40-60) of this drama series but it started to get draggy and progression of the story just seemed to stall afterwards, with some progression occasionally. Numerous story plots were revealed, some made sense, others didn't at all. Character wise, Soo Ho was probably the best written character. The other characters were pretty much just a mess going from one end to the other. Not consistent at all and the development just wasn't there for most. Not to mention, this drama also drop a new villain like Ha Young about maybe three quarters of the drama and even during the final 2 weeks of this drama's airing, they introduced a villain who is more powerful than the current villains (who by the way the writers turned good at the very last minute). Talk about the writers not using their episodes wisely, especially since the last episode seemed rushed.

Overall, after seeing everything from the plots to the characters, this could've been a great daily drama if it was handled and written better. Some examples:
- Ha Young who was introduced I believed around ep 78-80 had a better reason to be a villain than Esther. She should've been introduced to this drama at the beginning not towards the latter half.
- Esther shouldn't have been evil at all nor a main character. She should've just been from the start as San Ha's best friend and support.
- If the writers wanted to create an all time villain, aka Ha Young's adoptive dad (chairman Oh), who is more powerful, then they should've changed the old villains to good guys a whole lot earlier, along with them realizing what they did was wrong, repented, and served their time for their evil deeds. The writers did such a poor job on this. The villains pretty much gotten away with every evil deed they did. Even if they changed the villains to good the last minute, they still weren't likable and you can tell the writers wanted us to pity these old villains but we don't because of the writers letting the villains getting away unpunished. They lacked the justice for the good guys from start to finish.

There are some happy moments but I feel like the frustration this drama gives outweighs the happy scenes/episodes this drama shows.
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