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Lost, in dramaland


Lost, in dramaland

I accidentally started watching Kdrama on youtube when I was 12.  I later went on later to Cdrama, Bollywood and so much more. I watched shows because of how HANDSOME the male actors were and would simp over so many at one time. If I were to choose my favorite one I would need it all the time in the world. It's too hard I love them all!!!! I used to write all the dramas I had finished watching in my journal because I want to have a few suggestions in hand, in case my friends wanted to watch some and it went on from there. By the beginning of 2020, I had already filled up 3 pages worth of drama  names.  All my friends don't like k/c Drama. They're missing out, and it sucks I have no one to talk to about them. I would love to have some friends here. We can talk about ANYTHING you want. I also read mangas, webtoon, listen to Kpop, and watch some anime.

First Chinese drama: Meter garden 

First Korean drama: I DON' T REMEMBER( Maybe Meloholic/I'm not a robot.)

First Taiwanese drama: Hua Jai shi

First Bollywood show:  Beyhadh/Jhansi ki rani

                                                KPOP✨  ✨   

Groups: Blackpink, EXO, Stray Kids, WavyV, BTS, Red Velvet 

**Favorite songs**

Blackpink: Kill this love/How you like it like that/Bombayah 

Exo: Love shot/Day after Day/Obsession 

Stray Kids: Gods Menu/ Backdoor  

WavyV: Love Talk/Bad Alive 

Bts: Just one day/Life goes on/IDOL

Red Velvet: Psycho 

Pentagon: Shinee/Daisy

  Solo artist: CL, Lee Hi, Zico, Dean, DPR Live/Ian, Crush , IU

Favorite songs


Lee Hi: Holo/Rose/Breath 

Zico: Any song

Dean: Instagram

DPR IAN: No blueberries 

DPR Live: Jam and Butterfly 

Crush: None 

IU: eight 

❤️️  ❤️️  ❤️️  My KPOP Bias's❤️️  ❤️️  ❤️️  ❤️️  ❤️️   

**I love everyone in the group but there are just some people that I have loved since day one. **

Exo: KAI♥

Bts: V/RM♥♥

Stray kids:  Hyunjin/Felix/Bangchan ♥ ♥ ♥

WayV: Lucus♥

Blackpink: Jennie♥

Red Velvet: Irene ♥

Pentagon: Hongseok 


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