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I started watching Asian Dramas to avoid the month or sometimes year-long waiting between the seasons of English TV shows, which I used to hog on. And once I started I couldn't stop, Asian dramas are that addictive. Now I barely watch any English TV show. One thing I noticed that happens to me when I continuously watch dramas is, it takes a little time to get attuned to the atmosphere of the English shows again.  I only start a drama once it has completed airing 'cause that was my whole point for starting off with dramas in the first place. I hate cliff-hangers, open and vague endings and also waiting. I don't mind sad endings if it suits the plot.

I usually have unusual taste in everything. Most of the times I don't like what everybody does. Examples; I am not completely in love with Welcome to Waikiki, don't hate Bride of Haebek, utterly satisfied with the ending of Hwayugi, which made me watch it three times, already. But I too hated That Man Oh Soo.



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