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Kimi Wa Petto
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May 14, 2018
16 of 16 episodes seen
Completed 3
Overall 7.5
Story 8.0
Acting/Cast 6.5
Music 6.5
Rewatch Value 4.5
It ’s complicated…. a little weird and pretty hot.
It’s not flawlessly fantastic but I like it. The concept of keeping a human for a pet is intriguing and unique in itself. I am neither a J-Drama follower nor a manga reader( I am living under a rock) but from what I have picked up while watching two or three J-Dramas and a few Movies is that they have most of the times unique and often bold concepts and are not scared to experiment.

The pivotal relationship of the story is based on pure selfless love. I think that’s the side of the pet-master relationship this show was aiming to depict. And I am amazed by the skill of the story, which I think was able to put across the idea successfully in this drama, at least for me. Of course, there was sexual tension between the couple, from the boy’s side it was obvious because the woman was not just a master to him(and also ‘cause “It Started With A Kiss” for him… ) but he tried to keep it that way for her sake, the woman was at first unaware and then after gradually realising she prefered to feign ignorance for her own convenience(not calling her selfish yet). I liked how they showed their inner struggle. She is beautiful, smart and intelligent but at the same time meek, awkward and lacks confidence. She is able to express herself only in front of her pet. So, basically, Momo was her emotional refuge. Momo was also seeking a shelter at first but after getting a peek at her vulnerable side, he decided to stay and then fell in love with her. The whole experience made him grow up into a responsible man and she too came out of her shell. I didn’t read the manga or watched the previous adaptation, so, watched it with no expectations and had nothing to compare to. Though it could’ve been a little short, I am fully content with what I watched.

The acting was good overall. Shison Jun, who I have seen before in a supporting role in Tadome No Kiss, was good in that show but a little annoying with his woohoos…. may be due to the character. Whereas, here I found him very skilled. He has both range and variation in his acting. I totally bought him as a pet because of his body language. He was just like a dog, sitting, clinging, asking for attention, everything to a T.
Iriyama Noriko looked stupified all the time save few scenes, I guess it was owing to her character. But damn, is she gorgeous! I officially have a crush on her now. She has great chemistry with both the leads.
The second Male Lead was good too. Handsome and acted aptly.
Didn’t like the other girl, it could be a biased taste. Don’t like clingy, desperate yet confident enough to be bitchy characters.

I don’t want to spoil anything but frequent recurrence of a certain flashback gave me the heebeejeebees.

The soundtrack is good. Nothing much to say. I won’t especially download and listen to it but still, it’s good.

Some shows are really enjoyable while you are watching but once it’s over you don’t know whether you will watch them again or not. This is one of those shows.

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Jao Sao Jum Yorm
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Sep 27, 2018
16 of 16 episodes seen
Completed 0
Overall 8.5
Story 5.5
Acting/Cast 8.0
Music 5.0
Rewatch Value 8.0
This review may contain spoilers
First of all what a journey it has been with all the uncertainty of subs for us and the struggle of subbing in the midst of all the chaos and nonsense for the Subbers. Therefore, I'll begin with my heartfelt gratitude to them who have made our viewing experience utmostly satisfying with the subs in spite of all that rubbish going on. You guys are @ma(u)zing.

Now the review. Well, sort of... (SPOILER AHEAD)

I had been waiting for this one ever since I had laid my eyes on the teaser. Reason: 1) Mik, of course, do I even need to say! 2) Pooklook. I liked her in Roy Ruk (despite the masochism). As soon as I found out it'll be the two of them I knew that the chemistry will be sizzling and they went beyond my expectation (just as I expected). My computer screen was melting each time they were together in a scene (even the no-kiss ones).

The story is as the description says. It was nothing interesting for me but I didn't care because of the obvious reasons. There were the usual preposterous Lakorn cliches save few but I am well-conditioned to them after two years experience. The most gripping part of it was the relationship of the leads which is the heart of the show. I don't know about others but as long as they were before my eyes I didn't give a hoot about what absurdity was going around. There were some things though that were still difficult to digest. Like, why on earth was the evil-doer forgiven in the end without facing any consequence! His growing-up circumstances cannot be an excuse. And how on earth after exhibiting complete Game-of-thrones kinda intentions towards his half-sister everyone behaved so normal around him in the family at the end! Actually, I sorta fast-forwarded through some parts in the last one and a half episodes. Did I miss any revelation concluding to such kind of casual yet weird behaviour? Please let me know. But then again I told myself that it's a Lakorn where anything is possible which is the charm and addiction of it.

This is my favourite character of Mik till date. He has been playing these quarter-to-nice-boy roles with the mood-swing and attitude-swing of a schmuck toward his ladies in all of his shows so far. This was a complete 180-degree turn which I enjoyed the most. His acting is getting better with each of his projects and he is obviously pretty awesome at the chemistry department. And might I just add how wonderfully he played this role. His XXXL adorability added a triple sugar coating about my heart. It was simply delightful to watch him as a loving and devoted husband.
Pooklook's acting was better in her previous works. I think she's good in the heavy-duty intense and serious scenes. Here her chops were a bit lacking in the lighter ones. About the chemistry, of course, it's a given and I'll be repeating it in every other line I think, she is a pro. The last scene had my hair fly off my head (my real hair, no wig). I've never seen (that I can think of) a girl taking charge like that in a Lakorn before, except for Yaya when she was Nadech. Loved Pooklook's professionalism.

Supporting Characters-
The side characters were just that, the side characters. I didn't find them anything remarkable. The personal assistants/bodyguard of both the leads were sweet. The runaway bride and groom bothered the heck out of me. Call me a selfish sadist or whatever but I despised them to bits and didn't want them to be happy. Both of them were extremely selfish. At first, I thought that the girl will be somewhat better than the jerk but she was as devious, blaming the girl whose man she ran away with, at any chance. But then the writer, director whoever, decided everyone deserves a happy ending and karma is your forgetful friend who gets back at no one except maybe a bit at the crazy MIL.

Altogether, I liked it since the story of the MCs relationship is as per my satisfaction and that's what I look for in a show like this, mainly. Although the girl was impossible in the beginning she came around soon enough and she had reasons for being how she was. I will watch it again just for Mik and Pooklook.

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Iron Ladies
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May 10, 2018
13 of 13 episodes seen
Completed 0
Overall 9.5
Story 9.5
Acting/Cast 9.5
Music 5.0
Rewatch Value 8.0
Never have I ever watched a Taiwanese show like this.
There are dramas like “Fated to Love You” which totally makes me get into the shoes of the heroine and hate the hero on her behalf(‘cause she’s being too frustratingly docile) while being completely emotionally invested and trying to binge watch, a truly overdramatic drama. Then there are dramas like “Attention! Love” which is like bubble gum, starts off with colourful ambience then progresses to become so tasteless and draggy that you want to spit it out. Iron ladies is neither of them. It’s in the league of "I Need Love" KDrama series and "Sex and The City" in terms of showing strong female leads who don’t act all prude and are not shy to express their sexuality. This show is a lot closer to reality.

The three leading ladies are true to the essence of Iron Ladies. They are beautiful, strong, sexy, independent career women who are also managing their a little to a lot messy personal lives. Their approach towards dealing with the issues of their career and love, the compromises they chose to make and not make, their relationship with the men in their lives, and while doing all these how they discover their uncharted facets and become more of themselves and grow up, is the story of this drama. Though sometimes their choices and decisions made them look like desperate and pushover, that’s how life and love are, difficult, messy and sometimes ugly.

The script is so tight and the acting is so fine that I didn’t lose interest for one moment. I found the acting of this drama different than the usual Taiwanese dramas, in a good way. The characters are well written and performed. All the cast have great chemistry with each other. This is my first time watching Zhong Aviis and I am a fan. This is her first leading role and she nailed it. She and Pan Ada lived and breathed the role of iron ladies.
Wu Ben is as versatile as the makeup palletes in the show. His eyes are so expressive. When doing a photoshoot scene in the show his eyes were like all smart and sexy, whereas throughout the drama they were like a lost puppy. His "smitten at first sight with Ka Ting" expression was so believable.
Lan Gabriel is an amazing actor and so handsome. I found him Hollywood level amazing. His acting is so mature and poised. Everyone is great in this show. This is what I call a perfect show.

The soundtrack is ok, nothing special.

I’ll most definitely watch it again.

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Duang Jai Nai Fai Nhao
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Jan 2, 2019
13 of 13 episodes seen
Completed 0
Overall 6.0
Story 5.0
Acting/Cast 9.0
Music 6.0
Rewatch Value 5.5
This review may contain spoilers

When The Plot Gets Sticky!

This review I write for the Drama/Lakorn fans like me who first and foremost look for reviews and browse through comments [on MDL page] before starting a show and despite all the warning and praise always watch it and love or hate it, respectively, against the reviews and comments (provided, I am not the only one). Hence, I will try to keep it as brief as possible which is a tough task for me as I am used to rambling riotously. (Can you tell!)

The description of the show is almost right. It is regarding a man set off to taking revenge for the wrong done to his family. And there are these three women, who are posing about him in the poster, he gets involved with along the way. The rest is a little bit (sorta a lot) altered through the show.

I wanted to watch it for the sole reason of James. He's a fantastic actor. Versatile at that. He can shine even in the role of a light pole (no pun) with his rainbow expressions. Therefore, I feel the show was unfair to him. The first episode was as per the description but lost its story from the next. It seemed the director or the writer was snoozing until the last few episodes.

The hero's journey which was supposed to be avenging his family's misfortune soon became something else. Like he couldn't quite stick to his own decision. Every scheme he plotted against the apparent evil-doers either got lost in the middle or ended up him having filled with guilt, for one reason or another. He appeared to have bitten off more than he could chew. He was supposed to be this charming manipulator who flirts with women and uses them for his purpose (without conscience, I believe), but I didn't see that. Even though he flirts with two girls and the third one was collateral, and totally inadvertent, he was not a complete despicable jerk, which I expected him to be. And the other adjectives like; "God Of Economics" (ye right!), cunning, irritable and whatnot, was obviously thrown out of the premise during the process of the show. Him being rough outside and soft at heart was half true, as in, he didn't seem rough from anywhere. A lot confused though. His track was utterly mishandled. Poor JM!

Now coming to the last few episodes, the writer was [definitely] kicked in his shins to wake up from his slumber and made to write a new track. This time for the FL instead. Therefore, from episode 10, the show became anew and focused on the heroine's journey of revenge. And how I loved her calling out all the Baetches!

The new actress was A-mazing from the beginning. That's the one good thing the writer did for the show, writing a strong female lead. In the beginning, she was lugging around all the obligation and gratitude to the family, that is her "benefactor", and her folks' employer, and also her duty towards her own family. But towards the last episodes, she stripped off all the niceness and went against the foes head-on. The best part of the show. For this only I could manage to finish it. Gina was an A+ from the go. She has a strong presence and I'd love to see her more this year.

I cannot rate it in entirety since it's like two different shows. It concluded way better than started. And I might re-watch just for the last few episodes and the great chemistry (that's a staple in a Ma starrer ). I always like stories with strong female leads. And if they are kicking butts and taking names (even metaphorically), I tend to visit again.

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The Beauty Inside
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Nov 23, 2018
16 of 16 episodes seen
Completed 0
Overall 7.5
Story 7.5
Acting/Cast 10
Music 8.0
Rewatch Value 6.5
This review may contain spoilers

It was almost satisfying!

This show had been on my list of - "Dramas I am looking forward to this year." Though I had a mixed feeling about it the first time I heard of the idea, I was gonna watch it anyway. I was wondering how are they gonna upsize a movie plot for a 16 episodes drama. And I fear my fear came true. It was a pretty unique idea for a movie. But forging it into a 16 episode drama was a masterful task which did not go that seamlessly. Mixing it up with a few other tropes was a smart attempt but didn't seem to be that effective. It was entertaining. But the trajectory was a bit inconsistent. The first few episodes were interesting then it got boring for few episodes then again it picked up, and so on. I fast-forwarded through the filler episodes. There were a lot of cute and funny moments that I loved, but sometimes it seemed slightly overdone like they are trying too hard at it. No fault of the actors, they were just doing what was told.

The great part about the show, besides the love-story, is the friendship. They made me wanna have friends like them.

Actors: They are all great at their craft. Everyone had the perfect chemistry with each other.

I just love to watch Seo Hyun Jin act. Whatever she does is delightful. Beauty with talent.

Lee Min Ki's face has been chiselled with extra attention. How can a face be that sexy! His eyes are so beautiful. They make it difficult to take my eyes off them. And that little smile... OMG! His deadpan delivery of the funny lines is the best.

I am glad to see Lee Dae Hee in a non-vampish role. She portrayed such a strong female character. She made the first move on a guy but didn't end up whining and clinging upon getting rejected. In a scene where she was expressing her disheartenment on Eun Ho's decision to following God, I was screaming at the screen like, "Follow her. She's is a Goddess too!" I wish she gets more lead roles from now on.

I like Ahn Jae Hyun. I didn't realise how good and versatile an actor he is until Cinderella and the four Knights. He is perfect as usual.

Moon Ji In is cute as a button. I really wanted to see Woo Mi's mysterious boyfriend though.

Lee Tae Ri (formerly, Lee Min Ho) is cute too. A very good actor. He was funny af, especially when he couldn't keep his teeth inside whenever a raise is promised to him.

I have a big complain though with Ryu Hwa Young's part in the Drama. Didn't she play a similar role in Come Back Ajjusshi! I thought after My Father is Strange and Mad Dog she'll get more lead roles. I don't mind a mean girl but the screen time and the importance of the role disappointed me. She was a tiny tool in the story that could've been easily played by someone who hasn't done any big role before. She is an amazing actress. Why isn't she getting lead roles yet!

But overall, I liked the Drama... just not to a T. I will definitely watch it again whenever I crave some gorgeous and talented actors with great chemistry and a story with a lot of fluff.

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May 27, 2018
16 of 16 episodes seen
Completed 0
Overall 6.5
Story 7.0
Acting/Cast 8.0
Music 9.0
Rewatch Value 5.0
Are most of the Korean writers either Misogynists or Masochists!

As I was watching this Drama for the 4th time, I decided to write something. I know this will be one of the many that have been written for this one but still can't curb the urge to let out my frustration for this show. The first three times I didn’t feel this urge as was only being satisfied with the show(and also too engrossed in the plot to notice). But this time something irritated the crap out of me(Guess I grew up and my taste changed). So, I am just going to rant about the romance.

Why do you write a suspense thriller this amazing and ruin it with a sloppy romance?

First of all, the story about reality and fiction bleeding into each other is interesting. The plot was quite gripping and entertaining(almost good job Ms.Writer). Had it not made the heroine so one-dimensionally love crazy, it wouldn’t have distracted me with perpetual frustration time-to-time. The mystery plot of the show is very riveting. That’s why for the first three times I didn’t notice the flaws.

The hero in this is indeed a man with many adjectives, he is nice, kind and caring, smart, intelligent, observant, conflicted, strong-willed(the cliché hero type) but sometimes also a jerk and indifferent one to the heroine's feelings(which she only had one; endlessly irrational and idiotic love for the hero). I mean you can’t blame him completely ‘cause a bullet is always hovering over his head and he wanted to live, at least at first. So he had to take every step calculatively since he didn't have the luxury to love recklessly.
Unlike our hero, the heroine didn’t have a life besides loving the hero(honestly, I found it quite suffocating from the hero’s point of view). At times, I even wondered whether Kang Chul’s feelings towards Yeon Joo was actual romantic love or feelings of gratitude, guilt, duty, responsibility and the feeling of the only connection to the real world. It rather felt like, he was entertaining a twelve-year-old. Yeon Joo is still pubescent, living in her doll-house, trying to make her own Ken doll. She too had a hard life growing up with a rarely present father, which is, though incomparable to Kang Chul’s plight, yet difficult. But don’t worry, that didn’t stop her from remaining childishly immature. I see her caring and compassionate nature in trying to save Kang Chul but, you don’t have to be this unrealisticly desperate, girl! Never did she once expressed her disappointment and displease over Kang Chul’s indifferent, inconsiderate and sometimes downright questionable behaviour (even considering his situation), instead, she whines about petty stuff. Any normal person would’ve actually hated him for making their life into a ruin due to the involuntary involvement. Very little complain, just in the beginning and somewhere in the middle(still not enough) about continuously getting dragged into the Manwa( she was quite chipper about the fact). And some of her actions made me believe that obsession for a lover(even when he is from a Manwa) can undermine any other existing relationship. Every time she foolishly grinned while looking at Kang Chul or thinking about him, I wanted to shove a dose of reality-check down her throat. I have something to say to the writer, “Girl, why do you hate yourself and your fellow kind so much? You made Kang Chul so wise that even he said at a point in the drama, ‘How could there be only one reason for a character to exist?’. Preach! But you forgot to apply that wisdom to your own heroine.” After some time the romance started to feel overbearingly silly. And as you can tell from the rant that I couldn't move past these interruptions.
The father was cruel to be planning to dispose off Kang Chul but I can't blame him either(not everyone is delusional like his daughter), if ever your fictional creation takes on a life of its own and try to pull you into its world, wouldn’t you do the same? After all, we are not Alice and don’t wanna live in wonderland leaving behind our families, no matter how wonderlandy it was.

Phew…. Sorry for the long angsty rambling, the frustration needed some words.

The acting was uneven. As much as I adore Lee Jong SuK(dem lips doe) and his acting, but here he seemed a little robotic in some of the scenes. He is a wonderful actor with a large pallete of expressions on his face, and I love his crying scenes the best, he cries like a little boy(of course besides Jingoo and my BAE Kim Soo Yun). Still, a little inadequate here. Han Hyo Joo is a bundle of talent, in fact, one of my favourite actresses. I love her work. She gets under the skin of the character she plays. Maybe that’s the reason I hated her(character) in this drama. Their chemistry is the only saving grace of the romance. Kim Eui Sang was so convincing with both the shades of character; the worried father and the creepy antagonist. Lee Shi Eon is as always. He has a certain way of acting, which I don’t mind but gets slightly repetitive sometimes. The other actors are good too, especially, the lawyer, he is excellent as a villain.

Ahh…. The soundtrack, all the songs are alright except for one, which I am going to take to my grave. Basick INKII- Illusion, this song gives me the same hair-raising feels as Auditory Hallucination(which is also in my ‘list of songs I’ll take to my grave’). I have loved many songs but these two put me into a trance. I feel my insides are levitating.

Rewatch…. I have this tendency to repeat my favourite shows until they're ragged and then some. But this time it has put me off for good. I am not coming back into this rut again. The bads made me forget about the goods of the show.

So, that’s that.

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The Great Seducer
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May 7, 2018
32 of 32 episodes seen
Completed 0
Overall 4.5
Story 3.0
Acting/Cast 6.0
Music 5.0
Rewatch Value 3.0
A potent story with a feeble treatment

It seemed to me like a PG-rated fan-fiction version of Cruel Intentions, since I didn’t have the pleasure of reading “Dangerous Liaisons”. I had been waiting for Do-hwan to lead solo for so long. Loved him in “Save Me” and “Mad Dog”. I thought this would be a great opportunity for him. And Cruel Intentions being one of my favorite movies, I was counting the days to this lethal combination. For me, he was the perfect choice for Sebastian's character, if written properly. He has that dark sexy stare that sees into your soul. But alas, the shoddy writing didn’t give him enough scope to show his talent to the optimum. What a letdown.

I didn’t mind the other actors except for the “best friend”, I mean which pesky planet did she come from! Have been a Min-Jae fan since Romantic Doctor, like Moon Ga-young too and they were good, as much as the script allowed them to be. A special mention to Joy’s acting which has been a blazing subject of criticism throughout. I am not a “Red Velvet” or Joy fan, so completely an unbiased opinion, she isn’t that bad considering her lack of proficiency in acting. In fact, I quite liked her in this role. Since all the characters felt inadequately written to me, she didn’t especially stand out to be disappointing. I think she will improve while working. There are many popular actresses(not naming any) who are acting for a long time but still can’t deliver emotions through their acting skill.

The OST was nothing worth humming or remembering (at least to me).

The ending I really didn’t care about since the journey was so smudgy and sluggish. I am not a sucker for happy endings. I would rather take a sad ending than a rushed or vague one (talking to you That Man Oh Soo).

Overall, there is nothing “Dark” or “Seductive” about this drama, as the title and theme suggest. I watched Cruel Intentions for the 50th time after watching this for cleansing my palate and planning to read Dangerous Liaisons now.

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