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Yankee-kun to Megane-chan japanese drama review
Yankee-kun to Megane-chan
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by drkangel41
Aug 17, 2012
10 of 10 episodes seen
Overall 10
Story 9.0
Acting/Cast 9.0
Music 10.0
Rewatch Value 10.0
This show is officially one of my favorite dramas. I watched this drama before i realized that it was based off a manga but after watching it, I loved it so much that i tried out the manga. The drama actually altered the characters and story order quite a bit from the manga, and I've come to love the drama even more because of it. The drama changed the characters to be more lovable, relatable, and endearing and the plot was not slow or draggy at all to me. Yankee to Megane is one of those dramas that has a manga/anime-esque feel to it, and by that I mean that the whole story revolves around small events, like Hana Kimi. It's not going to be a show with a gripping plot that'll keep you at the edge of your chair or anything because it has a different style. So I disagree with the previous reviewer that the events are out of place, because that's how these dramas are stylized to be and the way the drama portrays it is actually a lot more coherent then the manga. The drama is a great light and funny story, but also has heart and good points of friendship. The acting is also great. The main leads were fantastic and I love how the actors portrayed the characters. The supporting cast, was average, but unimportant to the focus of the main characters. As I am stil reading the manga currently, it makes me miss the slight differences in the characters and even though I just finished watching this drama a couple days ago, i already feel like watching it again.
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