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wishing to be away from chaos and bitterness of the world


wishing to be away from chaos and bitterness of the world
The Long Ballad chinese drama review
The Long Ballad
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by dwejitoki07
Sep 10, 2021
49 of 49 episodes seen
Overall 10
Story 10.0
Acting/Cast 10.0
Music 10.0
Rewatch Value 10.0

One of the best Ancient drama for me! Chang Ge and Sun, I miss you!

I never thought that 49 episodes is not enough for an ancient drama, I always try my best to stay away from Chinese Ancient dramas as they're too long, tedious, traumatic and sometimes boring. But who would've thought that I enjoyed, loved and appreciated all of the 49 episodes of this series. Not an episode did I skipped nor fast forwarded as I find it tedious nor boring! Every episode is interesting, breathtaking, will leave you off edge and wanting for more! I laugh, cry, got scared for them, angry and frustrated and just simply amazed and excited for this series. It's my 2nd time watching Reba's drama (from YMG to this) and 1st time watching Leo! Such a powerful couple and fitted with their respective roles. They both give their characters depth, life and just simply amazing skills in acting. I loved all their scenes together, their conversation/interactions and just mainly everything. How I appreciated all the actors in this drama, their characters, from the main cast to the supporting roles, to the villains and to the production team.

You'll find Chang Ge's character at first frustrating and just wanted to smack her at times, but you'll learned to understand and appreciate where she's coming from. In the long run, she'll learn to grow and realized what's more important for her.

I love Sun, everything about him is such a dream come true. Leo gave his all in performing this character and for this, I will be a new fan of him.

I love the executions of fight scenes, it's breathtaking and exciting! It's sooo good and looks real! My gosh! Will definitely watch this again! Until then, will be missing Chang Ge and Sun.
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